Wednesday, June 6, 2012

30 Presents in 30 Day for Turning 30

I got this idea from my cousin.  She was lucky and had some friends arrange this for her on her 30th and I knew it was an idea I wanted to try for a friend.  I arrange to have 30 people give her 30 items and a dollar leading up to the day of her birthday.  Here are some of the gifts she received.

 This was the one I gave.  Subway Art is really 'in' right now so I thought making her some art with 30 words about her would be perfect.  I think it turned out so great!  I can't wait to make another one.
30 Bottles of Bud Light Lime.

I made this to be from her son.  His handprints are behind it.  I was given on Mother's Day to her.

30 Suckers.

30 Mambas

30 Dove Chocolates

30 Lottery Cards
30 Bottles of Water
30 Mambas

 30 Jokes and Things that Make you Cry!

 30 Flowers on a Lei and 30 Pictures of Flowers.

 30 Flowers

 30 Starbursts.

30 Reese's Cups

 30 Tissues
30 Pencil Sharpeners
30 Pencils
30 Stickers

 30 bottles

 Bilboard Hot 30 Singles of 1982

30 Dollars

30 Mountain Dew

$30 to Starbucks

30 oz. Drink and 30 Tylenol 
(Given to her after her surprise birthday party)

30 Munchins from Dunkin Donuts
(I forgot to get this picture)

She was so surprised by this and she loved it.  Who wouldn't love getting 30 presents each day starting a month before your birthday?  I love how creative everyone ended up being.  The creative presents (I think) were the best and most meaningful.  You would like someone to arrange this for you on a special birthday?


  1. Love that idea!!!!! One of my BFFs (that actually teaches at the same school as me) turned 30 in April. I typed up "30 Things I Love About Kelly" (basically 30 inside jokes or fun things we enjoy together...each in a different cute font, of course!), cut them up and sent a student to deliver them to her every 5 minutes or so (or teacher for the ones that were more adult humor!). She loved it and it was so much fun to do!

    1. Thanks!! I am sure Kelly loved what you gave her. That is such a great idea too.