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Math Centers, Behavior Chart

Math Centers and My New Behavior System

My class participates in Math Centers some days after our math lesson.  If we have time after our lesson to complete our math center then we do it, if not we wait until we do have time.  Right now I have 18 students so I have 9 different math centers.  I know 9 centers sounds like a lot, but by having 9 centers I am able to have two students at each center.  I love having only two students at a center.  They stay on task better and the noise level stays low.  I switch my center periodically throughout the year.  If I notice the students are having trouble with a certain area, then I will make sure I place practice materials for that area in our centers.  Here are some of my centers:

Pattern Block Patterns
The students are using pattern blocks to make patterns.  These two students chose to work together on one pattern.  
Pattern Block Patterns
Cube Patterns
 This center is working on patterns.  The students are making their own pattern using cubes.  
Cube Patterns
 Sorting Bears
These students are working together to sort the bears.  They chose to sort them according to their size.  The students also could have made patterns with the bears.
Sorting Bears
This center the students have paper plates with number 0- 20 written on them.  The students have to place as many manipulatives for what number is on the plate.  The students count the manipulatives for their plate and then they switch to make sure their partner counted out the manipulatives correctly.
 Counting Fish
Each fish bowl has a number on it.  The students then place as many fish on the tank as the number that is written on it.

 Counting Buttons
This center the students have paper plates with number 0- 20 written on them.  The students have to place as many buttons for what number is on the plate.  The students count the buttons for their plate and then they switch to make sure their partner counted out the buttons correctly.
 Pumpkin Counting
These are Jack-O-Lanterns from Halloween.  On each one I wrote a number.  The students put the number of crafts sticks in each pumpkin as what is written in it.  After both students fill one, they switch and check each others work.
 Counting Puzzle
 Students put together the puzzles by counting.
 Fruit Patterns
Students get a zip lock baggie with rubber fruit in it.  They make patterns with the fruit.
Fruit Patterns
 During the math centers, I walk around making sure the students are on task and checking to make sure they understand the concept at their center.  This also would be the time if someone needs extra help I would be able to help them.  Again, I usually don't have time to do these everyday, just when we have time.  I also switch the centers as needed throughout the year.

My New Behavior Chart
After some thought, I decided to change my behavior system in my classroom.  I have always used the green, yellow, blue, red system in my classroom.  What I didn't like about that system was the students that were always doing their job never received any recognition.  Yes, I would praise them but I wanted something more.  I wanted something that would motivate even my best students to behavior even better.  When the students start on green and green is the highest color, there was never any incentive to try harder because they were already at the top.  With this new system, thanks Pinterest), it motivates all students.  All the students start on green every day, but with the new one students can move up or down the chart.  Moving up the chart is for better behavior when moving down the chart isn't.  Here is a picture of my chart. 
Behavior Chart
Since I have a Snoopy sports theme room I adding sayings to my 'good' colors to go along with it.  Here is the order:
OUTSTANDING!- You're a Champion!
GREAT JOB!- You're an MVP!
GOOD JOB!- You're an Allstar!
Ready to Learn- You're a starter!
Slow Down
Think about it
Parent Contact

The colors are a backwards rainbow.  Again, everyday all students start on green (Ready to Learn).    By making good choices they move up and making poor choices they move down.  I explained to my class that purple and pink are really hard to get and most days only a couple of students will be on them.  I stressed how difficult it would be for them to get these colors to motivate them to behave.  I told them when I see someone going above and beyond what they have to do is when I will have them move up.  Once a child gets to pink for the day, they receive some 'bling' to go on their clip.  They also received a certificate saying they made pink today.  After a child received 5 pieces of 'bling' then they are going to get a different clip and color red.  This will continue throughout the year.  I started this new system a few weeks ago.  My students are really liking it and I have noticed my kiddos that already behaved trying even harder to get to pink.  They really think the 'bling' is cool and the little certificate they get.  If you are looking for a new behavior system, give this one a try. 

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  1. Hi There I love your centres for patterning. Im a student teacher with a kindergarten class this year and patterning is the first unit i was given to teach. I have a quick question for you. I love that your centers comprise of lot of manipulatives and are open to interpretation. But how do you get the kids to make patterns and not just play with the bears, fruits, etc. I have kids that have no desire to try patterning and some that are awesome at it. Others that think they are doing it right but arn't despite me going over the concepts over and over. Any suggestions?