Monday, January 30, 2012

Lesson Plans, Mystery Reader, Student Info Card, ABC's of Kindergarten, Snoopy Book

Lesson Plan Template, Mystery Reader, Student Info Card, ABC's of Kindergarten, Snoopy Book

Last year I created my lesson plan format.  I like being able to have one whole day on one sheet of paper.  I also try to add as much information as I can for if I would have to call in a sub on a limb.  This way I don't have to scramble to get everything in order when I am sick or my son is sick.  Check it out and see what you think.   Feel free to use it if you like it.

 The year before last, I started having Skype Mystery Readers in my classroom.  I saw this idea on another teacher's website (sorry, I can't remember who) and thought I would try it.  Well, needless to say, I LOVE it!  I arrange ahead of time for someone to Skype me.  The person shows the book and after they read the book we guess who the person is that read to us.  After we decide the person reveals themselves.  The kiddos think this is so neat that their grandparent or anyone far away or close by can call our classroom on Skype and read to us.  

Snoopy Book
At Open House I have the students Snoopy Book all prepared for them to take home so they can start from day one remembering to bring it back and forth from school.  

At the beginning of the year when we have Open House, I have the students take home their Snoopy Book.  In their Snoopy Book, there is a form for their parents to fill out that they have to bring back the first day of school.  I have attached the form I use for student information.  What I love about this form is it has all the information on it I need about the student.

Another item I have in each students Snoopy Book for Open House is my ABC's of Kindergarten paper.  This is a helpful tool for parents to look at to understand my classroom better. 

Please leave a comment if you are able to use any of the freebies.

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