Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Groundhog Activity Freebie

Groundhog Activity Freebie
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Today my class made a groundhog writing activity.  Part of the activity the students complete before Groundhog Day and the other part they complete the day of Groundhog Day.  For the writing activity, I first read a story about Groundhog Day so the students would be familiar with the day.  Then I asked the students if they thought the groundhog would see his shadow.  They had to write, yes or no.  Then I explained how the sentence should answer the question using a complete sentence.  So I explained that if they said yes, they should then write the groundhog will see his shadow and if they chose no, they should write the groundhog will not see his shadow.  Then once Groundhog Day comes, we will complete the bottom question which asks if the groundhog saw his shadow.

(cut out the shapes and make a tracer)

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