Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week 3- Daily 5 and more!

A very exciting and busy third week of school!  I just am so surprised by how much a first grader does all day!!  They just go go go!!  There is definitely not time to be a kid.

Our basal book, Wonders, is confusing yet intense!  I have found my groove with the series.  It takes me about all day to finish everything and Daily 5, but I can see it clicking with my 'staches. (Thank you Smedley's Smorgasbord for the idea of calling my kiddos staches) Wahoo!

Here's some pictures of our week!

My 'staches are doing AWESOME with Daily 5!!  They built their stamina so quick compared to my kindergartners.  This week we started all 5 of Daily 5 at the same time!  The 'staches love being able to choose their center. 

Here are two of my boys doing Work on Writing.  I have a writing table setup that they can use or they can write in their journal.  The whole class is loving this writing center table!
photo of Wolfelicious Daily 5

Here are two of my boys doing Read to Someone!  I love how they are sitting, EEKK!!  I also love how focused they are on what they are supposed to be doing!!  Good job Boys!!
photo of Wolfelicious Daily 5

Our Listen to Reading center is on our computers.  Right now the students are practicing their skills that have been taught this week in our Wonders series. I do like how this series has an online practice.  The 'staches are loving the games online.

photo of Wolfelicious Daily 5

The next Daily 5 I have a picture of is my Word Work center.  I have 4 different options so far for Word Work.  The 'staches can put their spelling words in abc order, stamp their words, rainbow write their words, or use tiles to make their spelling words.  I have their words written on my board so they know which words to practice.  This has been a favorite of the 'staches!
photo of Wolfelicious Daily 5

The last Daily 5 picture is Read to Self!  My 'staches each have a book box with Good Fit Books in it.  They can sit anywhere in the room and read!
photo of Wolfelicious Daily 5

For Math this week we finished up our addition chapter.  This picture is addition story problems.  I gave my 'staches a white piece of paper and we talked and figured out the story problems step by step. 
1. Restate the question.  What do we have to do?
2. Make a part, part, whole box and figure out what the story problem gives us and what we have to figure out.
3.  Draw a picture to figure out the problem.  
4.  Write a number sentence.
We have 5 problems on this paper to complete.  It took us over an hour to complete it since we took it apart and really understood what we were doing.
photo of Wolfelicious Math

Every day this week we had to figure out different ways to make a certain number.  This little 'staches is using dots to help him figure the different ways out.  I had all the students use the dots so they could visually see how to make the different numbers.
                                      photo of Wolfelicious math

After our math and language arts was finished for the day we had science to learn. (Like I said before, go go go!) This week we are learning about our bodies.  On this day we are learning about our skeletal system and our muscular  system.  Slim Goodbody is a great source to watch to have the 'staches understand the concept.  Plus, he cracks me up with that suit on.
photo of Wolfelicious Slim Goodbody

I hope you had a great week!!

Have a Wolfelicious day!

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