Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Busy, Messy House, New Decor, New Car

Busy, Messy House, New Decor, New Car

           Well, it is the end of the day on Tuesday and it feels like it should be the end of the day on Friday.  Or at least that is what I wish.  I am so exhausted!  I couldn't stop yawning today at school.  Maybe because it was a full moon.  Who knows?  Anyways, I am sitting here typing away to post a blog when I should be cleaning my house for at least straightening up my house.  Oh my!  The house is so messy.  I had so much planned for Sunday and then my Sunday was spent buying a new car.  So let's see.  Would I rather have a new car or a clean house??  Humm, I think a new car!!!  The Kia dealership here is having a HUGE sell.  They are hoping to sell 1000 cars this month.  Seriously, 1000 cars.  My husband and I went on Sunday to check out what kind of deal we could get.  Well, needless to say, we got a awesome deal that we couldn't refuse so now I have a new Kia Sorento.  Two of my favorite parts of the car are the back up camera and it is bluetooth enable.  I can make phone calls through the radio and play the music on my phone through the radio.  It is so weird not having to hold up my phone to my ear and being able to hold the wheel with both hands when I am on a phone call.  I was so surprised how crowded it was at the dealership!  I guess everyone wants to check out the deals.  I do have to give the dealership props though, because they were very organized.  Woo Hoo, Fuccillo Kia!!  You Rock! Here are some pics of my new ride!

So since I didn't get to clean my house on Sunday, my house is messy.  I really think a tornado came into my son's room.  You wouldn't know he had carpet.  I guess that means I am going to have to do so major cleaning up this coming weekend.  Boo!
   At school this week I finished up a unit on magnet (which the kiddos loved) and put my new behavior plan into place.  The kiddos LOVE the new behavior plan.  They are so motivated to try to get to pink.  Yesterday my class was so awesome!! I have never seen them so quiet before.  However today they were really talkative but it was a full moon.   I am also trying to prepare what I am going to do for our 100th day of school.  Our 100th Day is already next Thursday.  Can you believe that?  Here is my ideas so far:
snack mix of 100 items for snack
counting by 10's caterpiller
100 year old drawing
dollar bill with 100 pennies (if I can find pennies)
writing- If I've told you once, I've told you 100 times...

The 100th Day is always such a fun day!  I am so excited for it.  I am debating on if I dress up like a 100 year old this year.  I think that would be so cool for the students and come dress like Granny, but I don't know if I have the courage to do that.  Especially since I have to take my son to school first. 
        Yesterday I went and bought the items I need to try to make my first yarn wreath.  I can't wait to make it.  I just need the days a little longer so I can get everything finished!
A couple weeks ago I went to Home Goods (Love that store) and found a couple new items for my house.  I am really into red and orange right now for some reason.  Here is a picture of the items I got.  I love them!

 Sorry about the bottom picture.  I am not for sure why it is so blurry.  


  1. I love your new ride. I am trying to convince the hubby I need a bigger SUV, even though I just got a new one less than two years ago. I keep telling him he can have my SUV then I can get an even bigger one! :)

  2. So I noticed on your TPT site you live in the Cape. I used to live there and may be moving there this summer (job permitting-fingers crossed). Too funny! I thought I would comment on this post because of Fuccillo haha! HUGE! I hope you are staying cool in the Florida heat!


    1. Rebecca,

      I do live in Cape Coral. I am trying to stay cool. What a small world. I wish you luck on being able to come back here.