Sunday, January 15, 2012

Publix Deals, Art Fair

Publix Deals and Art Fair
Today we went to Publix.  I didn't go last week because we went to Costco so I am stocked up on meat and I really didn't need anythign else.  This week's ad for Publix was pretty good.  I was super excited because the Lays Potato Chips were Buy One, Get One and they had my new favorite flavor.  Garden Tomato and Basil.  YUM!!!  If you haven't tried that new flavor, don't.  You will become addicted to them. :)  They are so delightful!  Here is my picture of what all I got.  
Food items from Publix

Receipt from Publix.
 Spent= $63.35
Saved= $63.25
Woo Hoo!!!

After we went to Publix we came home and put our groceries away.  Then we headed to Cape Coral's Art Fair.  I love going every year and seeing what new 'art' they have.  My husband bought me this picture.  It is a picture of wine bottles and then the same picture behind it but blurry.  I think it is really cool looking.  I want to try to make my own one of these.  I think it would be neat to make one for the personalized wine bottles I have.  I will have to try to figure out how to do this. I will add it to my plans. Plus I need to add getting the picture framed. 

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  1. Jeannie- Thanks so much!! I am so glad you like my blog. :-) I did check your blog out and I am your newest follower. You have so many cute ideas. I can't believe you have six kiddos. I have one boy and he wears me out. I can't imagine having 6. I give you props!!