Monday, March 25, 2013

Book Review- Aesop's 1st Book of Childhood Adventures

Oh my! I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted a blog post.  I guess having a baby has kept me busy.  I am having so much fun being at home and watching my new little one.  I am amazed at how much he is changing everyday.  
Thursday, March 14th. Chalan is 1 month old.
I was recently contacted by Vincent Mastro to review one of his books.  I was so excited that he contacted me because I love books and was honored to be able to review one of his books.  I read Aesop's 1st Book of Childhood Adventures.  Click on the cover to go to Amazon to get the book.

Aesop's 1st Book of Childhood Adventures has 3 short stories in it.  The stories are told by a little raccoon named Aesop.  The author makes the stories interesting so the reader keeps engaged in the stories and the reader understands the moral of the stories clearly.  The pictures in the story are drawn very well and add to the story for young readers to get the a visual of the story.  

  With being a teacher, I think these stories would work great in my classroom.  We have some of these stories in our reading series so it would be great to read the one in our series and then compare it to this one.  I would also talk about what the author wants the reader to learn by reading their story.  I think the students would love these stories and the main character in the story.  

If you love the Aesop's fables, then you will definitely love this book.  Go check it out!!  Aesop's 1st Book of Childhood Adventures.

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