Saturday, May 25, 2013

Another Year Is Over!

Photo of favorite thing in Kindergarten
My students give me their favorite thing about Kindergarten and I write it up on the board.  This is one of the decorations for our graduation.

Yesterday was officially my last day of the school year.  This year has went by so quickly.  I returned to school with 3 weeks left after my maternity leave.  It was bittersweet!  Loved seeing my kiddos but hated leaving my lil.  

We always have a Kindergarten Graduation the last week of school.  Each K teacher puts it on in their classroom.  I like this because I can add what I want to my graduation.  Here are some of the things I do.  It seems like my classroom parents really enjoy it.

First I have my kiddos sit in the middle room so their parents can come in and sit.  Then once I know that every student has someone there, I play the graduation march song and the students parade out.  Once all the students are out and lined up at the front of the classroom, I welcome the parents and introduce the Kindergarten graduating class.  Then I tell the parents we have a poem to perform for them.

K is for Kindergarten---hip, hip, hooray.
I is for imagination we use everyday.
N is for numbers--we know one, two, three.
D is for drawing, the best you can see!
E is for exercise to keep our bodies strong.
R is for reading books all day long.
G is for good friends. We made more each day.
A is for the alphabet we know how to say.
R is for remembering everything we learned.
T is for treats every Friday we earned.
E is for excitement. This year we've had some.
N is for next year. First grade here we come.

Each student or each pair of students say their part.  Then at the end of it all the students say, Yay!! First Grade!!!!

Next, we sing First Grade, First Grade.

This year I used this version, but there are different ones out there.

After we sing, then we sing another song. 

Make new friends,
but keep the old.
One is silver,
the other is gold.
Next, I have the students sit down on the carpet so they are nice and close to pass out awards.  I always start with the diplomas first.  I call each student up and shake their hand.  Some of the parents want a picture too so we pose for the camera.
After all the diplomas are passed out I pass out some other awards I have for them.

Then, I play a slideshow that I make on my Macbook (iMovie) showing different fun learning adventures we had all year.  The parents usually need a tissue for this. 
 This year I used these songs: We're Going to be Friends, My Wish from Rascal Flatts, Linus and Lucy (LOVE Snoopy), and Let Them Be Little.
Next I go over their folder I make for each student
Inside the folder:
Grade Card
Make New Friends Poem with class pictures
Data Graphs from all year
Slideshow DVD

Then, I go over what I am giving to each students for my end of the year gift.
Pieces of K photo
Go to Ketchen's Kindergarten to print the awesome tag.
Krazy Kool Summer photo
You can get the tag from A Cupcake for the Teacher.  Thanks Teri for creating these.

Then I always give each students a penny.  This penny has the year they graduate Kindergarten on itThere is a poem that talks about why I give them a penny.  I think it is super adorable.  I tape the penny to the poem.  I read the poem out loud to the students.

Last, I have another poem I read to the students.  I thank them for coming and allowing me to teach their child.

The graduation is always bittersweet!!  

On another note...

I saw this in the canal behind my house!  We have lived here for over 2 years and I haven't seen one in the canal.

Watch out! 

Kindergarten, 2nd -
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Friday, May 10, 2013

Oh, What a Week!!

Oh!!!!  What a week!  I am back to school after my maternity leave and boy, was it interesting, tearful, great, and sad!  I had such a busy week; Teacher appreciation week, my birthday, Mother's Day Tea, waking up early, and just trying to get back in the groove of things.

  I was excited and sad at the same time about going back.  My passion is teaching so I was excited to go back and see my kiddos, but I miss being with my baby all day.  It makes me so sad to know I could miss the first time he rolls. If only I could bring my baby to school and teach and feed him at the same time, would it be heaven.

Here is a picture of me and my new baby, Chalan, having some cuddle time once I got home from school.


This week has been super interesting.  My class has kinda forgotten my rules and expectations.  I completely get it.  It has been awhile since I have been there.  They had a different teacher and with it being someone else in the classroom the expectations are different.  So, I had a saying this week.  The saying was...

I'm back!!!  ha ha ha (in an evil voice)  

It is going to take them awhile to get back to remembering my expectations.

At the beginning of the week, we worked on our Mother's Day gifts for our Mother's Day Tea which was on Thursday.  We made three different things for our lovely mothers.  

The first one was a handprint sunflower with the student's picture in the middle.  This year we added a typed poem about handprints instead of the My Mom poem.
Mother's Day Wolfelicious photo  

Then the students did a writing about their mom.  The last thing we made for our momma's was a drawing.  I had the students draw themselves with their mother.  I started the drawing by showing them how to draw making sure we drew all the parts.  After the students were finished with their beautiful picture we put it on black paper to look like it was framed.  Then we added a bow.  

Mother's Day Wolfelicious photo

 I think they turned out so cute.  I our their mom's like them.  I was trying to think what I would like getting from my child and I came up with them drawing a picture.  It is simple but adorable!  You can check out more Mother's Day ideas here.

By the time Wednesday was here I was exhausted.  The night feedings and just being back to the stress and work was getting to me.  I had to stop by Dunkin Donuts for my favorite beverages.  It is amazing how it just makes my day SO much better.

 Yes, that is an Unsweetened Tea and a Mocha Latte.  I had to get both.

I have been so lucky this week to have my mom come down and watch my boy instead of having go to daycare.  My mom rocks!!!  I love her so much!!  She sent me pictures and videos throughout the week so I could see Chalan.  Here are some of the pictures that made me smile.

 Overall, it was a great week!  Most of the parents of my class were happy I was back. (one parent, who is new to my class, asked WHY I came back with 3 weeks left)  Isn't that just rude!!!  I thought me coming back was a good thing for me to do since it is MY class Ahhhh, how I didn't miss dealing with parents.  But, in all serious, I missed my kiddos and I am glad I get to spend the end of the year with them.  

I have noticed there is an Instagram craze going on. (When I have had time to look at the awesome blogs out there between feedings and such)  I have had an Instagram account for awhile.  I use it for personal and school use.  If you want to follow me look for wolfelicious.

Also, if you have a blog, I would love to follow you too.  Make sure you leave your blog link in a comment.  

One more thing...

I'm back!!!  ha ha ha (in an evil voice)

Kindergarten, 2nd -