Monday, January 16, 2012

Hurricane Room

Hurricane Room

Since I am off work today, I decided to tackle Liam's room.  Instead of going to sleep at night, he gets out of bed and plays.  Pulling everything off of his shelves.  Apparently he has a blast considering his room looks like a hurricane hit it.  I couldn't stand walking by it everyday so I thought today I would try to work on cleaning it up.  I tried to have him help, but a 3 year old isn't much help. Here is how it looked. 
Liam's messy room.
 Like I said, a hurricane must have came by.  It was a disaster. 

From the opposite side of the room.
 Yep, this side of the room is a disaster too. 

I decided the best thing to do would be to take all the toys out of his room.  Only leave the big items in there.  Liam did help with this part a little bit.  We moved all the toys to the hallway. 

Liam helping.
 Once everything was moved off the floor and into the hallway, I cleaned his room.  I dusted and vacuumed.  Then I was ready to start digging through the pile of toys and such in the hallway.  I made piles to keep, pack up and put in the garage, throw away, and give to his daycare.  After what seemed like hours and hours we had the pile separated.  We had two garbage bags to put in the attic.  A garbage bag to throw away and a reusable bag full of books to take to daycare.  Now, it is time to start putting the toys back in his room.  I decided to move one of the shelves to inside his closet.  I thought this would work better for him.  Here is an after picture of his closet.

The after closet.
I took out his toy chest and added the blue shelves (blue is his favorite color).  I showed him where he should, crossing my fingers he does it, put his shoes and the different toys that are in his closet. 

The next picture is from his door.  Yay, we found his carpet! :) 

Picture taken from the opposite side looking at his closet.  Again, we found more carpet.  

 This picture is taken by his closet looking at the opposite corner.

Organized shelf.

His room is so organized and cute right now.  I hope he keeps it this way.  I am still trying to teach him to get out one toy at a time and then put it away before he gets the next one out.  Let's hope he keeps it this way.  

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