Friday, December 28, 2012

Personal and Professional Resolutions

Have you made your resolution yet?  I have been thinking about mine and then I found this great link up.  I thought it would be perfect for me to decide what my resolution is going to be and see what others are wanting to do too.


To say I love organizing would be a false statement, but I do love being organized.  Sometimes just getting there is the problem.  This is what I am going to (try) to do this year to help me stay organized.

#1- Use my Erin Condren Life Planner or my iPhone Calendar.  I have been pretty good with my iPhone Calendar but I could be better.  Sometimes I add events to one and not the other.  I need to make sure I am using one consistently.  I think I will use the Life Planner more often to keep track of my new baby's feedings.

#2-  Finish straightening up my house and getting it prepared for the baby.  

#3- Finish my lesson plans for school for the rest of the year.  Yep, you did just read for the rest of the year.  I am due at the end of Feb. so I want to make sure my sub has plans to do so I know what they have done when I go back in May sometime.  I will have to take a picture of this once I finish it.  I started it before break and I have to say I am really liking having my plans done in advance.  Now, yes, there will always be changes to them but to have most of the items needed each week organized and ready makes it so much easier. 

#4- My fourth resolution will be to work on my body.  I am having a baby at the end of Feb. and then at the end of July I am in a wedding.  What motivation to get in shape and try to look my best.  

Well, I think that is enough resolutions for me.  What are your resolutions?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Oh me, oh my! I have been so incredibly busy recently. I have been so busy with school, Christmas, and getting ready for Baby Wolfe! 


Tomorrow is my school's last day before Christmas break. We have a half day so it will go so fast. We have a party and that is basically all.

Here are some of the things my class has been working on...

Holidays Around the World.  This is my first year in a long time doing this.  My kiddos loved it!   

On the very special day of December 12, 2012 (12-12-12) we made special hats.  I got this great resource from:
Check out this blog.  It is great!!
Wolfelicious 12-12-12 photo
Aren't the hats adorable?  I hope this helped my students learn the number 12 better. 

This week we made Christmas Tree hats.  The students cuts the tress and then decorated their hats how they wanted.  
Wolfelicious Christmas Tree hats photo

This week at school we have had really fun and exciting days.

Monday was a normal school day or at least as normal as you can get after the tragedy on Friday.  We did have a meeting to talk about it in the morning.  Our school is already pretty secure so the only thing we have changed right now is keeping our classroom doors locked at all times. 

Tuesday we had a dessert contest and a Christmas sweater/dress up contest.

This is how everyone on my team dress!
Wolfelicious- Holiday Style photo
That is me in the middle with the red on and the Santa's belly.

Some of the teacher's went all out.  One teacher had her hair on top of her head.  She reminded me of a Dr. Seuss character.  Another teacher wore a cardboard Christmas tree.  They both tied for first!
Photo: What a festive looking group!

The second contest was a dessert contest.  It was such a yummy day!  It is actually a good thing I am pregnant because then I don't feel bad for eating so much.  (hehehe)

I made two different kinds of cookies.  Andes Mint Cookies and a Caramel Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookies.

The Andes Mint Cookies got second place!  Wahoo!!
Wolfelicious Andes Mint Cookies photo
Source for Recipe:
They were nice and easy to make and delicious. 

Wednesday (today) at school my class went to the North Pole.  They watched The Polar Express and had hot chocolate.  I had to leave during the North Pole visit because my son had his Christmas Concert.  Here is a picture of my lil deer after he sang is heart out. 

Wolfelicious Liam Photo

I hope you all have a great end of the week!!  Take care and thanks for stopping by.

Kindergarten, 2nd -

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

My School is Looking Very Festive- Warning- Lots of Pics

Every year at this time my school has a contest. 

Yep, a contest!!
 Some years it has been wall decorating and some years it has been door decorating.  

We always get a list of rules and a theme to go by.  Then we get parents from our classes and the decorating begins.  

We get about a week to work before the judging begins.  I always LOVE looking at how creative everyone is and it makes our school look very festive.  

This year our theme was Christmas Carol.

Check them out now!

Get ready to be amazed! 

 This is the one my classroom parents did!!  Isn't it cute!! They did an awesome job!

I am sure glad I am not a judge.  I wouldn't know which one to pick.  

Which one is your favorite?

Kindergarten, 2nd -