Saturday, August 22, 2015

Classroom Reveal 2015-2016

Are you ready?

Are you ready to see a Wolfelicious classroom?

I have been a busy bee over the summer getting my classroom prepared.  I got new carpet in my room so everything was taken out and I had to start over.

Every year I think about what I liked about my room and what I could change to make it better for myself and my students.

I decided I liked a whole bunch of things about my classroom.  Like, the black and white, the mustaches, and most of the setup.  But, I did want to change a couple things.

Here is how I decided to make the classroom look for this year, 2015-2016 school year.

I hope you enjoy it. 

We are going to start looking into the classroom from the front door straight on.

photo of Wolfelicious classroom

Looking in from the door you see our whole group area (carpet), calendar board, computers on the left side, and library.  The computers are all against the wall this year, which is a change from last year.

Over by the computers and the library is my bulletin board all ready for my Power Pix.
photo of Wolfelicious classroom

I will add the Power Pix throughout the year.  I made new Math Power Pix for myself that go with My Math.  Check out them here and here.

Beside the Power Pix bulletin board is my new birthday board.

photo of Wolfelicious classroom

Here is where I displayed all the student's birthdays.  I am super excited about this board.  It looks so cool plus I made it so cheap.  Check out my post about it here.  I also bought a Lava Lamp.  It has black lava in it so it goes with the room.  I had a Lava Lamp when I was younger and loved it.  When I saw them in a store I knew I had to buy one for my classroom.

Beside the birthday area I have a cabinet.  This year I decided to use the Go Write on one side of it for Spelling Words.

photo of Wolfelicious classroom

I love how this turned about and it will be perfect for centers.

Looking at the back wall is my calendar area.  This is also where the carpet is for our meeting area.
photo of Wolfelicious classroom
Everything I need for calendar is on this bulletin board or around it.  I also have my classroom rules under the mustache.

The next picture is taken from right inside the classroom and looking to the other side of the classroom.

photo of Wolfelicious classroom

In this picture you see the sink, guided reading area, and my teacher area.  Also, you can see the students are in pods of 4.

Now we are looking in between the other two areas.

photo of Wolfelicious classroom

Here you can see lots of student desks grouped in pods of 4 and my teacher area.

This picture is taken from the front of the class by the Smartboard toward the back door. 

photo of Wolfelicious classroom

This picture is taken from the Smartboard but towards the front door of the classroom.

You can see the word wall and the restroom door.
photo of Wolfelicious classroom
Here is a close up of my student desks.  This year I am trying out the drawers in the middle. 
Top drawer: Math supplies
Middle drawer: Science/Social Studies Notebook and dry erase boards
Bottom drawer: Books in baggies for a browsing box.

On top of the drawer set is a basket for trash.  I also have hand sanitizer and a box of tissues on each group.  

photo of Wolfelicious classroom

On the other side of the Smartboard is this lovely wall.

photo of Wolfelicious classroom

It has decor and things I had to put up.  The red frame is for our essential question in reading each week.  Under it is where I am displaying the special of the day for the students to see.  In the middle on the black framed board are my standards.

Here is a close up of the standard board.  Click here to check out the Florida Standards Posters from here and here.

photo of Wolfelicious classroom

I got the board from Hobby Lobby and the posters are on my TPT store.  I was going to use the clothes pins to clip them on but I decided to use the rings so I could just flip around each standard and instead of taking it off and replacing.

Under the red frame is where I am going to post my special of the day.

photo of Wolfelicious classroom
The special is just taped on and I can trade it out everyday.  I am using a bucket beside it to hold the other specials.  Check out my Specials Posters.

I hope you have enjoyed your tour of my classroom.  I am excited for the year to begin on Monday!

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Thanks so much for stopping by!

       Have a Wolfelicious day!

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

5 Wolfelicious Tips for BTS

I'm going back to school in two weeks.  It is amazing how quickly summer goes by. I have been thinking and decided to put together my Top 5 Wolfelicious tips for back to school.  

Photo of 5 Wolfelicious Tips 4 BTS

Are you ready to go back to school?  Are you nervous about it?

Here are my tips to help you have a successful school year.

1) Relax
I know!  This one is difficult to do.  You are excited to go back and have so much to do, but you do need to relax.  Don't take on too much.  Take deep breathes.

2) You will feel Overwhelmed
Every year I am overwhelmed at the beginning of the year.  You will be too.  It is normal to feel this way.  There are so many things to do at the beginning of the year.  Try to relax.  Take deep breathes.  You will be awesome this year!

3) Model, Model, Model
Make sure you write down all your procedures you want your class to do.  Check them off once you teach your students what you want them to do.  Show them.  Have them practice the correct way.  Practice the wrong way and then again the correct way.  Here are some of the procedures I teach my students.
*Get a tissue
*How to get a pencil/What to do with a broken pencil
*How to keep their pencil box.
*How to organize their desk.
*How to push in their chair.
*Morning routine procedure.
*How to line up.
*How to work in groups.
*What to do in the cafeteria/playground.
*Go over the rules. 

4)Don't Assume.
Don't assume your students will know how to do things.  Yes, I am sure they do. But is it the way you want or last year's teacher?  Yes, students are smart, but different expectations need to be learned.  How you have your class line up is different than they did last year.  

5)Pick One Subject
If you are a brand new teacher or even if you aren't, pick one subject and master it.  Yes, teach all subjects and do you best, but choose one and really master it.  Then the next year pick another subject and continue until all your subjects are mastered.  This way it won't be too overwhelming this year and you will feel really good about the one subject.  Mastering a subject takes time and energy.  Picking too many to master in one year will make your overwhelmed.  Pick one!!

These are my 5 Wolfelicious Tips for Back to School!  I hope you find them useful!

       Thanks so much for stopping by. 

       Have a Wolfelicious day!

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