Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Amazing Number Sense Action Ideas for Kindergarten

Learning doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, learning can be incredibly fun! By giving children the chance to have a great time while they are learning, they can discover a genuine love for learning that will follow with them for the rest of their lives. These number sense action ideas for the kindergarten level will help young children learn all about numbers and counting in an exciting way that makes it easy.

Giant Dice!

Children love to throw. Children love dice. Creating giant dice that children can throw across the room and then learn from? Brilliant! This activity is incredibly simple to put together. Create 2 giant dice from cardboard boxes (tissue boxes, maybe?). Draw on the numbers as you would see them on a regular dice. You can start off easy by having the child count the number they get after throwing the dice. Then you can make it harder by having the child add the two numbers they rolled together.

Learning With Colored Blocks

For this activity you will need a set of blocks with different colors. Smaller blocks, like unifex, work best as they are small and come in few basic colors. Set out the blocks in front of the kindergartener. Tell them a simple addition equation, for instance 2+2. They must put together the addition by grabbing 2 blocks of one color (let’s say red), and 2 of another color (blue). Connect the blocks (or stack them together) and count how many there are. A great way to learn addition, because what child doesn’t love blocks?


Another kid favorite: puzzles, of course! So why not put together a fun number sense puzzle? For this activity you will need a mat with numbers and an empty square next to the number (for the child to match). Then give your child a series of small pictures with- for example- 1 fish, 2 fishes, 3 fishes, etc. Your child will need to place the picture of 1 fish next to the number 1, and so on, until all the pictures are accounted for on the mat.


There’s an adorable obsession with hopscotch in kindergarten-aged children. Turn hopscotch into another learning experience by adding numbers to the floor and counting with the children each step they take. You can even turn this into a game, by saying ‘hop until you reach number 5’. Say each number out loud. This is an activity that is seriously fun and of course, as an added bonus, you get a little bit of exercise thrown into the mix!

Coloring Pages

Have you ever met a kindergartener that didn’t like to color? Me neither. That’s why math coloring pages are great. Simple math coloring pages could be the color-coordinated ones, such as use red wherever you see the number 1, and blue wherever you see the number 3. To make it more difficult, add addition equations to slots on the coloring pages. For instance, the frog could have 5+2 in the middle. On the chart, the color green will be 7. Therefore, the 5+2=7 will be formed and the child will color the frog with the correct color that corresponds with the right answer to the equation.

What child wouldn’t love these fun, yet very informative number sense activities?

Author bio: Tiffany Faming is a professional blogger and English teacher. She prefers to write on family, fashion and beauty, home décor, travel, grammar. However, she is interested in many other topics, too. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

November Fun!! Pilgrims, Wampanoag, and WBT

Last week we learned about the Pilgrims.  I thought I would have my kiddos complete a research project on the Pilgrims to fulfill one of the Common Core Standards.  Throughout the week we worked on the research project together.

I bought

Pilgrim Shared Research for Primary

and it made the process easy peasy and fun for the students!
Here are some pictures of our final project.
Photo of Pilgrim Research Project

Photo of Wolfelicious Pilgrim Research Project

Photo of Wolfelicious Pilgrim Research Project

Photo of Wolfelicious Pilgrim Research Project

Photo of Wolfelicious Pilgrim Research Project

Photo of Wolfelicious Pilgrim Research Project

 My students did an awesome job on the project!  I am so proud of them!

Then, this past week we learned about the Wampanoag tribe!

Who are the Wampanoag? 

Ask my students and they should will know! 

We had so much fun this week learning about the Wampanoag tribe. 

We started our the week talking about where the Wampanoag are from.  The students drew a picture to explain where they were from.
Photo of Wolfelicious Wampanoag

Photo of Wolfelicious Wampanoag

Next, we talked about their houses and how they make their houses.

Photo of Wolfelicious Wampanoag

Photo of Wolfelicious Wampanoag

Photo of Wolfelicious Wampanoag

Next, we talked about the jewelry the Wampanoag people wore and tried to make our own version.
Photo of Wolfelicious Wampanoag

I was so surprised at how well my class did making their necklace. 
Photo of Wolfelicious Wampanoag

Then we make the hair of the Wampanoag tribe.  The girls made braids.
Aren't they adorable with their braids?!

The boys made Mohawks!  Did you hear my boys scream when they found out they were making these?  They were so excited!

Photo of Wolfelicious Wampanoag
Aren't they adorable with their Mohawks?!

Here is a whole class pic with the hair.

Photo of Wolfelicious Wampanoag

My students just loved learning about the Wampanoag tribe!  If you are interested in these projects, I have made a packet of them at TPT.
Photo of Wampanoag Unit

Do you recognize this man?
 Last Saturday I got to go to a WBT conference.  I was super excited!  I had SO MUCH FUN and I LEARNED so much!!  I had already been implementing WBT but going to the conference motivated me to do it more and I learned more tricks.
 Coach B and me
It was so great to finally get to meet Coach B after seeing him on numerous webniars.

If you don't know about WBT (Whole Brain Teaching) go to the website and check it out.  It will change the way you teach!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Is it Fall?

Fall is in the air! (Hehehehe) Well, I guess Fall is in the air up north but it feels like Summer down here.  

We have been super busy.  I feel this year is going so fast.  Too much to do and not enough time.  

Thursday was Halloween!  We are lucky because we still celebrate Halloween at my school.  We had a big parade and dress up contest against all the grade levels. Then we have our Halloween parties.

This year we (kindergarten teachers) dressed up as my favorite character. I thought our Peanut Gang turned out so good. 

Can you guess which one I am?  Yep, you are correct.  I am Snoopy!  

Later that night my city has Trick or Treat!  It is always fun to see the houses decorated and the costumes. 

My little Turtle!  He got so much candy.  That orange bag that he had was half way full. 

This week was also Red Ribbon Week!  Here are some pictures of our dress up days. 
Where hats and shades!

Wear black. 

Then we had costumes for Halloween and jersey day.  Also pajama day.  I forgot to get pictures of those days. 😞

This week we practiced writing our sounds. (I love these magnetic boards I bought a couple years ago!  The students love them too!)

We keep on practicing our sight words. I will be assessing my students forid terms this week so I can't wait to see if the new sight word activities help. 

On another note, my little son made a beautiful pumpkin. It is called a Bumpkin Pumpkin. The pumpkin is made with my little son's booty.  Isn't this so cute?!!

I hope you had a great week!