Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yarn Wreath Tutorial

Yarn Wreath Tutorial

After becoming addicted to Pinterest, I have become very crafty.  (At least I think so :)) Buying wreaths at Micheal's (or anywhere) can be very expensive so I decided to give it a try.  I saw the inspiration for yarn wreaths on Pinterest and I knew immediately I wanted to try to make one.  I read a few blogs on how to make them.  I went to Micheal's and bought yarn and a straw wreath.  I read on a blog that a straw wreath was easier to use than a Styrofoam wreath.  I disagree with that person now after making my own.  I think the disadvantage to the straw wreath is how bumpy it is.  When covering it with yarn, the straw would poke out so I would have to wrap the yarn around the wreath a few times to cover it.  I thought the Styrofoam was much easier because I didn't have pieces hanging out.  The Styrofoam was smooth, making it easier for me to cover it with yarn.  Anyways, I ended up creating two yarn wreaths.  I wanted to make a white one and then I wanted to make another one so it would remind me more of a sweater.  

On my front door.

Directions on how to make a yarn wreath.

*glue gun
*yarn (one roll for small wreaths, two rolls for 18 inch wreath)
*Straw Wreath or Styrofoam Wreath
*Felt for flowers
*Anything else you would want to decorate your wreath with

1. Put a small drop of glue from the glue gun on the back of the wreath.
2. Place the end of the yarn through the glue. 
3. Once the glue is set begin wrapping the yarn around the wreath. When you begin play around with how tight you want to pull your yarn to get the look you want.  Also, remember it doesn't have to be perfect when wrapping the yarn.  Overlapping the yarn adds depth to it.
Wrapping the wreath with yarn.
4.  Once the wreath has yarn all the way around it, you are going to put a small drop of glue on the back of the wreath and then place the yarn through the glue.

Wrapped wreath.
Wrapped wreath.
5.  Cut the yarn.
6.  Use the felt to make flowers.
7.  Add the decorations to the wreath. 

8.  Hang up your wreath.
9.  Enjoy your wreath.

I really enjoyed making the yarn wreath.  I can't wait to make more!

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