Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Most Memorable Moment of 2011-2012

 I am joining My (Not So) Elementary Life's Linky Party.  The most memorable moment of the year.

This linky I had to really think about because throughout the year I have had lots of memorable things.  It is difficult to just pick one thing.  I think I am going to have to pick two things.

1.  Early in the year, I was having a really rough day.  I usually don't let things get to me, but they did this day.  I couldn't hold back the tears.  I was crying during specials and once my kiddos came back, I tried really hard to not cry.  Well, three of my little girls saw that I was sad and came up to give me a hug.  Well, needless to say, I started crying again.  They were so sweet!!

2. My other most memorable moment is going to the Lee County Film Festival Awards and winning the K-5 Comedy category.  I wrote a post about it earlier.  Check it out here.  I just LOVE how my students cheered when our name was called.



  1. Thanks for linking up. The little ones sure to have a way to make you feel special. I have had moments just like that that the littles come up to me and I just want to tear up.

    Congrats on winning the K-5 comedy category. What fun :)

    Have a great night.