Monday, May 21, 2012

Beary Good Readers- Guest Blogger

Hello bloggy friends!  I am Tania from My Second Sense.
Thanks April, for the opportunity to blog on your blog! 

If you are not enjoying your summer vacation already, you are perhaps, taking care of your long list of things to do before the year is over.

My to do list looks like this:

- 22 running records. * I have kids ranging from levels 7-8 to 29-30
- 200 high frequency word list  (times 22)
- Grade a 26 page math assessment
- Complete 22 math profile cards. * This is where I check all the objectives met by every student.
- Complete 22 reading profile cards.
- Grade writing assessments using a rubric and complete writing profile cards.
- Update 4 PEPs
- Complete my 14 page end of the year evaluation with comments for each of the standards.
- Complete my PDP (reflect on my goals for this year and create new goals for the next school year)
- 22 report cards
- Complete an on-line Data Collection.* Reading and Writing scores on the computer.
- AIMS Web: Students read two one-minute passages
- Complete KID talk forms to pass on to the third grade team. * Forms used to keep track of my six kids
   who needed interventions
- Cumulative folders *Discard old papers, add new ones from thsi year
- Case 21 testing (standarized test). Give the test and grade manually.

I am exhausted already!  So, I decided to concentrate on the good...the growth... the good new... the good things that each and every one of my kiddies did during our literacy time. So... I created these.

How you celebrate your student's successes in reading?

Come and visit! 

THANKS April! 


  1. Sounds familiar. The end of the year is so stressful. Good thing I have my m and m's beside me.hehe!

  2. Tania,
    Thanks for the great post!! Love the Beary Good Readers!!