Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And the winner is...

Yesterday, some of my students and I attended the Lee County Student Film Festival.  I was super excited and so were the students who attended with me.  
This was our first time attending.  We entered one of our movies we made this year in the festival.  I thought it would be fun to enter.  I previously posted about making movies (the pictures taken for that blog post were a part of the movie we entered into the festival).

After we came up with an idea for our movie, we started sketching out our ideas on a storyboard.  This really helped us narrow how we wanted to film and what we wanted to do.  This is what our storyboard looked like. 

After the students videotaped the scene, I crossed out the picture on the storyboard.  This helped us keep track of what we had filmed and what we still needed to do.  This was such a great experience for the students.  They wrote, filmed, acted, directed and they helped edit their movie.  They did an awesome job!  You can view our movie HERE.

Anyways, the festival was last night.  We received an email a few weeks ago saying our movie was one of the finalist in the festival and asking us if we were going to attend.  Just finding out we were finalist maybe us super excited!  The festival encouraged everyone to dress up for a red carpet event.

My husband and I all ready for the Film Festival.

Once we got to the Film Festival we were even more excited!  We felt like celebrities.  Our school even had a gold star on the red carpet!

Here is the cover of the 

The festival had a limo out front for pictures.  My students loved it!  They were all giggly when they were inside of the limo.  They even came into school today talking about the big car.

 Standing by our school star!

The festival started with the K-5 categories.  They gave 3 different places for each category if the category had more than 3 in it.  For the whole festival there were over 300 movies that entered.  There was a K-5 group, 6-8 group, and a 9-12 group.

Once the presenter got to our category, Comedy, my heart was racing!  I couldn't believe I was so nervous.  

He started with the third place winner.  

Then he announced the second place winner.  

It wasn't us so I knew we got first place.  The students were so adorable because they all jumped up and screamed with excitement when our name was announced for the first place winner.  We all walked down and got the award.  Then they showed some clips to the audience of our movie.  It was cool to see the audience laugh at different parts of the movie.  Here is the trophy we received.

The students came into school today ready and excited to tell everyone about everything from last night.  It was so neat to see how much it meant to them.  

Great Job Team Wolfe!!



  1. What an amazing experience for your students!! Congratulations!


  2. Congratulations on your award!! I made my first movie a couple of weeks ago and loved it. The kids were so proud of it. Thanks for posting your experiences with filming. I am currently teaching second grade but am moving down to kindergarten next year. It's nice to see your examples for inspiration.

    1. Thanks so much! I would love to see your movie! You will LOVE kindergarten! It is the BEST!!


  3. OMG! This is adorable! I love it. Your students did a great job :) Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans