Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Apps on my iPad

 Apps on my iPad.
These are the Apps that I have on my iPads.  I have folders set up to help organize them.  My tittles are Letters, Sight Words/Reading, Phonological Awareness, Math, Science/Social Studies, Books, Music, Friday Folder/Games, Mrs. Wolfe, and Productivity.  I set up all the iPads the same exact way making it easier for me and the students.  Here are my apps:

Alphabet Match-  Memory Game with letters. $1.99 
ABC Alphabet Phonics Touch- A letter is named and the student has to tap it.  FREE 
Alphabet Board- Handwriting practice (has D'Nealian). $1.99 
Starfall ABC's- Just like the ABC part on Starfall.com.  $2.99 
Montessori Matching Board- Match letters, shapes, and numbers. $.99  
Picture Dot to Dot Animals-  Trace numbers and/or letters in sequence. $1.99
ABC Magic- Learn sounds to letters.  FREE
ABC Song- Song plus other activities.  FREE
Letter Rip- Learn Letters. $1.99
ABC Match- Letters. FREE
I Know Phonics ABCs-  Letters, letters match, letter search. FREE
Meet the Vowels- Learn the vowels. FREE
ABC Go- Explore the word of letters, words, and vehicles. $1.99
ABC Maze Lite- Help the birdie catch the runaway letters. FREE
ABC Coloring Book- Color. FREE
iWriteWords- teaches handwriting. $2.99
Big Kid Life Vet- Letters, numbers, colors and shapes. FREE
Alien Buddies- Color, shape, letter and number identification. FREE

Sight Words/Reading
Sight Touch- Learn sight words by sight, touch, and sound. FREE
Play Sight Words- Sight words with 3 different games. FREE
Word Wall HD- Helps beginning readers learn to read and write. $.99
Little Speller Sight Words- Pull down letters to spell sight words. $.99 
Big Kid Life Fairy Princess- Practice story comprehension, plot, and setting. FREE
Super Why- Practice the alphabet, rhyming, spelling, writing and reading. $2.99

Phonological Awareness
Montessori Crosswords- phonic combinations. $1.99
ABC Phonics Rocks! Lite- Letter sections and word sections. FREE
Sentence Reading Magic- FREE
Phonics Vowels- Learn vowel sounds and letter combinations. $2.99
ABC Pocket Phonics-  Teaches sounds. $2.99
Little Speller- Three Letter Words- Pull down letters to spell words. $.99
Dora Rhyming- Rhyming, beginning, middle, and ending sounds. $1.99
First Words Sampler-  FREE
Phonics Silly Sentences- FREE
Sentence Reading Magic- FREE
Futaba- Multiplayer game that helps students learn words. FREE
K12 Timed Reading Practice- Practice Fluency $1.99
SoundSeeker- Letter sounds. $1.99
Spell Animals- FREE

Montessori 123 Board- $.99
Shapes- FREE
Math Puppy- Add, subtract, multiply, divide. FREE
Flash to Pass- Timed problems for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. FREE
Math Bingo- $.99
Counting Caterpillar- Counting $1.99
Montessori Numbers- Numbers $2.99
Touch Learn Numbers- FREE
Montessori 100 Board Lite- FREE
Number Match- Memory game with numbers. FREE
Clever Kids First Puzzles- Puzzles/strategies FREE
Big Kid Life Fire Fighter- Numbers, shapes, and symbols. FREE

Science/Social Studies 
iBloom- plant a seed and watch it grow. FREE
Compass- FREE
Space Image- FREE
Solar System-  Book about the Solar System $13.99
Google Earth- FREE
BrainPop- Feature Movie. FREE

Three pigs- $.99
Green Eggs and Ham- $4.49
Dr. Seuss's ABC- $4.49
AlphaBELCH- Silly ABC story. $.99
Toy Story- FREE
The Cat in the Hat- $4.49
1 Fish 2 Fish- $3.99
Bob Books #1- $1.99
Seasame Books- FREE
Rhymes- $3.99
ABC Little Alphabet Book- FREE
Monster at the End of this Book- $3.99 
Meet Millie- FREE

Pluto Piano- FREE
Virtuoso- FREE
Music Sparkle- FREE
Twinkle StarFREE

Friday Folder/Games
Angry Birds- $.99
Easy-Bake Cupcakes- FREE
SpongeMarble Lite- FREE
Tiny Pets- FREE
Snoopy's Fair- FREE
Hoops Free-  FREE
Creationary- FREE
3d Finger Soccer- FREE
Racing Penguin- FREE
Draw 4 Free- FREE
Show Me- FREE
LEGO Harry Potter- $4.99
Talking Tom 2- FREE
Talking News- FREE
Talking Gina- FREE
Teach Me Toddler- $.99

Mrs. Wolfe
KinderTown- Find the best children's apps. FREE 
Skype- Video Chat. FREE 
Facebook- FREE 
Pinterest- FREECalendar, Contacts, Notes, Maps, Videos, iTunes, Game Center, FaceTime, Camera, Photo Booth, Settings, Safari, Mail, Photos, Music, App Store

Messages, Reminders, iBooks
Quickoffice- $14.99
AllRecipes- FREE
CouponPolicy- $.99
SketchBookX- FREE
Xfinity TV- FREE
SplashTop- $4.99
QRReader- FREE
Kindle- FREE

I searched and searched the internet for a cover I thought would be the best for my class to use.  I wanted a cover that covered the corners.  I also wanted to have a front cover so when I carry it places it is protected.  After all my searching I found Switch Easy Cara.  I love the design on the front of it.  It is a little pricey though, but if it protects the iPad, I it is worth it. 

Here is how I set up my iPads.  I have two pages set up.  I put the apps I want the students to use on the first page and then I put the rest of the apps in folders on the second page.  Here is a picture of the first page. The page the students would use. (I realized if I put too many apps for the students to do during their center, that they really were not learning anything because they would bounce around to the different apps.)

 The next picture is the second page.  The page that has all the folders set up.  My folders are Letters, Sight Words/Reading, Phonological Awareness, Math, Science/Social Studies, Books, Music, Friday Folder/Games, Mrs. Wolfe, and Productivity.  I made a folder for myself with the apps I use most often.

Here is a close up of my folders. 

I wish you good luck with your iPad.  I absolutely LOVE mine!!!  Everyday I find more and more apps that are so great!  What ones do you like the most?

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