Friday, July 31, 2015

My Math Vocabulary Posters

Do you use My Math?  How do you like teaching vocabulary?

I have made some vocabulary posters that correlate to the My Math program.

When I teach vocabulary to my students, I always start out with using Mirrors and Words (WBT).  Then we go on and do Teach! Okay!.  I absolutely love this way to teach my kiddos vocabulary.  The students LOVE learning vocabulary this way.  It makes it fun for them!  I plan on using these posters as my Power Pixs for Math.  This way I have all of the vocabulary my students need to learn for the year.

Photo of My Math Vocabulary Posters

Photo of My Math Vocabulary Posters

On each poster there is a vocabulary word.  The definition. A visual to help the students learn the vocabulary and the correlating lesson.

I can't wait to print these off and begin using them.  I hope you like them too.  Please click the picture to take you to my store.

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