Sunday, February 12, 2012

Student Led Conferences

Student Led Conferences

Our school has two official conferences throughout the school year.  One in the Fall and the other in the Spring.  The one in the Fall is with every student's parent for about 15 minutes.  The one we have in the Spring is a Student Led Conference.  I have included the documents I use for this conference.  It is so great seeing the student's light up when they show their work to their parents and tell them different things they do in class.  Throughout the year I collect work for each student.  Then about a week before the conference I get out the folder of work I saved and have the students look through it.  We discuss the different pieces in folder to see if they remember creating it.  This helps the student tell their parent about it during the conference.  I like to spread out the time that parents show up for the conference so I set up times for this conference.  Below is the form I us.

By using this form to set up times, it allows only so many students and parents in the room at once.  I feel this is great because it becomes a special time for that parent and their child. 

This checklist is on top of each child's portfolio so the parent or student can check off everything they complete.

Directions are on top of each child's portfolio so the parent understands what to do during the conference.

Since Student Led Conferences is not a time I conference with the parents I always lay out a sign up sheet for parents that do want a conference with me.  Then after the Student Led Conference day I set up another time to meet with them. 
If your school doesn't have Student Led Conferences, you are missing out.  In the older grades they reflect more on their work to see what they could do differently.  They also share their data notebooks with their parents.

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