Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fluency Board, Sound out words

Fluency Practice

I have been working with my class on Fluency.  This is such a difficult lesson for students to understand and be able to do.

Fluency Board
The Fluency Board can be used with sight words and/or letter recognition.  The Fluency Board has a table on the paper.  4 rows and 5 columns.  Each row consists of the same 5 words or letters but in a different order.  Using this helps the child to learn to look at all the letters to figure out the word instead of guessing.   

Student reading me her Fluency Board
Here is a *freebie* of the Fluency Board I use.  After I assess the students knowledge of letters and sight words, I go back and look at the ones they missed.  Then I plug the ones they missed into the Fluency Board.  I have a parent volunteer, intern, assistant, or myself read with each student as often as time allows.  Click on the picture below to download the board. 

**Freebie**  Board

Stretching Out Words and then Bumpy Blending
We use the Read Well program in kindergarten at my school.  One of the great things about that program is that it really teaches the students to sound out words and how to apply the sounds.  I took some video clips of some of the things I do with the students during small group reading time. 


In this clip, the students are stretching out words and then bumpy blending.  I give the students a word and they use a slinky to help them stretch (blend) out the word.  Then they put the slinky down and bump (segment) the sound.  Then they tell me how many sounds make up the word.  We do this every day during small groups. 

This has helped my kiddos sound out words for spelling.  It is funny to watch them write sentence because you see them stop write and stretching out the sounds.  :)  I love when I see them using things they have been taught.