Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Seuss is on the Loose, Writing Freebie

Seuss is on the loose at my school.  Everyone is reading and doing wonderful activities.  Take a look at the activities that have been completed so far this week. 

Mrs. Brown, a kindergarten teacher at my school read The Foot Book.  Then she had her students create a picture using their foot. Then they had to describe their foot.  

Mrs. Wallace's class created these cute Thing 1 and Thing 2's.

Miss. Burch's class made these adorable elephants from Horton Hears a Who.

My intern, Miss Fairbrother read Are You My Mother? then had groups of students make a collage of mothers and their children. 

Another activity my intern did with our class was she read What Was I Scared of?
Then she had the students write about a time they were scared.  Once they completed the reading, they glued their writing to a pair of yellow pants.
Writing Freebie

 My class has also made these:

Mrs. Carlson's class made these turtles after reading Yurtle the Turtle.

I hope you enjoyed these activities.  I will post more later in the week.  

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