Sunday, February 26, 2012

Organizing and Deals

Happy Sunday!!  Why is it that the weekend seems to go way too fast?  I always just need one more day to my weekend.  I think that would help me finish everything I need to each week.  
Anyways I had a lazy Saturday but a very productive Sunday.  My Hubbie and I filed through our paper clutter.  The paper clutter on our kitchen counter was getting out of control!  I wanted to get a new file cabinet because the plastic bin I had cracked and was letting all the files fall out.  I kept searching for a file cabinet but nothing really popped out at me.  So, after thinking about it and after rearranging my son's room and seeing someone else use a chest (Thanks Pinterest), I thought why not use my son's toy chest that is just sitting around.  So then I went to Office Max and got new files and a file rod.  My Hubbie put the rod together and placed it in the toy chest.  We grabbed the paper clutter from the kitchen and started organizing it.  This is how the toy chest looks now!  We had some extra room in the chest so we put the legal sized folders towards the front.  Yay!!  Now I have a file cabinet for the price of the folders and a lot more space on my kitchen counter.   

Sunday is usually the day I go grocery shopping.  I wasn't able to go last week because I was babysitting my mom's dogs so I went today.  I knew I wasn't going to do very well with savings this week because it didn't seem like I had that many coupons for what was on sale.  Here is a picture of what I bought. 
I spent $85.62 and saved $53.79.  I guess it isn't too bad because I still saved money. 


  1. I am impressed! The toy chest is perfect for storing papers. What a great idea!

    I need to take couponing classes from you. First, I am shocked that your original total was only $85.62, but then to save $53? AWESOME! If you have any little couponing pointers, please send them my way!!

    First Grade Magic

    1. Megan,
      Thanks!! My pointer would be to match coupons with sales. :-)