Saturday, February 25, 2012

Days of the Week and Pinning

I was reading my blog roll and I noticed a comment about Pinterest that caught my eye.  It was a simple question.  Do you have permission to pin?  What!!!!???  Permission to pin.  I thought Pinterest was an online bulletin board that you pinned your favorites.  We have to have permission?  Over at Corkboard Connections, Laura has read the fine print on Pinterest.  You need to go check it out!!

I am giving permission to anyone to pin my ideas to Pinterest!
Days of the Week
This week my class is working in math on learning calendar skills.  This always seems like a difficult topic for students to understand.  After watching the math video I decided (on the spare of the moment) to add to my lesson.  I had a lot of my students understand the concept but I had some that didn't so I needed another way for the students to learn this concept.  We were working on yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  I decided to write a day of the week on a piece of paper.  Then I passed out the papers to random students.  If a student received a day of the week they had to stand up and put themselves in order of the days.  Once the students completed the first task I called out one day of the week and had that student stand in front of the others.  This day was the today.  Then I ask random students what yesterday was and what tomorrow would be.  We did this a few times making sure everyone received a turn.
Here are some of my students standing in order.  As you can tell some students were allowed to wear pjs. 
  Once everyone had a turn with this activity we completed our math worksheet.  We also work on this skill every single day during calendar time.  Sometimes we use the calendar on the bulletin board and sometimes we use the Smartboard Calendar I created.


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