Monday, December 1, 2014

Turkey Baster Challenge and Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Last week we only had two days of school and one of those days was our Thanksgiving feast/party.  We really didn't have curriculum in place for this week since it was so short.  I knew this was a great time to try out another STEM lesson.

I was checking out my favorite store (TPT) and I came across the perfect STEM lesson for this week.  

The Turkey Baster Launcher Challenge.


PERFECT for turkey week!!
Photo of Turkey Baster

The question presented to the class was...
 How far can you move the ping pong ball using the turkey baster?  

Photo of Turkey Baster

They were only allowed to use the items I gave them.  Nothing else.

Photo of Turkey Baster

I saw great teamwork out of most of my groups.  They were coming up with different ideas on how to make the ball go farther.  They were using the tape measure to measure how far their ball went.

Photo of Turkey Baster

My students enjoyed themselves SO much!  I will definitely do this lesson again.

If you want the lesson, check it out!  

Turkey Baster Launchers
Check out lesson {here}

We also had our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

Say what?!

Yep, that is correct!!  A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  

I came across this idea on a blog last year and I knew I HAD to do it.  It fits me perfectly!

Photo of Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Wolfelicious

So what is a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving?  Well, you serve the items that Charlie Brown serves to his guests.
Toast (buttered)
Jelly Beans

My students LOVED this.  I couldn't believe how many of them said that they loved the bread!  I thought that was funny!  Bread?!!  Yummy!!

Have a Wolfelicious day!

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