Sunday, December 25, 2011

You have been RACKed

The day before Christmas Eve I was checking out Pinterest and I saw these great ideas of Racking.  I wasn't for sure what it was so I kept researching it.  If you don't know what Racking is, Racking stands for Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.  I know at my school we talk about Random Acts of Kindness all the time, but seeing these ideas of kindness around Christmas time just brought a tear to my eye.  I loved, loved, loved this idea!  I was so bummed that I had just found it the day before Christmas Eve.  There are other people who counted down the days until Christmas with a RACK each day.  I wish I would have found this at the beginning of December so I could have counted down the days to Christmas, but since I didn't, I still wanted to take a part in Racking.  Plus, I think this is so important for my son to see the random acts of kindness to help him appreciate things.  He is at an age that I don't feel like he appreciates a lot.  Yes, he says thank you and such, but I truly don't think he understands.  Anyways, I wanted to include him on the Racking.  So, after looking up different ideas, I made a list up of what we were going to do on Christmas Eve (since that was the only day we had left before Christmas).  Here are some of the acts of kindness we did.  
Liam putting the present in our mail box.

*Put a thank you Christmas gift out for our mail carrier.
*Went to a parking lot and put candy canes with a tag of what we were doing on random cars.
*Go up to people at a store and give them a candy cane. (We did this at a few stores)
*Tape a candy cane to a newspaper stand.
*Give cashiers a candy cane and smile and say Merry Christmas to them. (Again at a few stores)
*After eating at a restaurant, leave a GREAT tip with a candy cane.
*Pay for the person's toll behind me.
*Pay for someone's coffee.  
*Leave a candy candy and tag on the Redbox.  

Here is the tags we added to our candy canes. 

I enjoyed this so much.  It was so interesting in seeing the different responses we would get.  Some people were so thankful and appreciative, while others gave you a funny look because they didn't understand why you were talking to them.  My son was very shy when going up to someone, but then would be bouncing up an down after he gave a candy cane to a person.   I could tell it made him feel good to be giving something away.  I know it made my heart feel good too.  We will definitely be doing this again next year and making it a tradition.  I just don't have words for how it makes you feel.  I also plan on trying to do a Random Act of Kindness weekly.  I don't think this just has to be at Christmas time, it can be everyday!  Think of the kind of world we would live in if everyone did a Random Act of Kindness each day!  Wouldn't it be amazing??!

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