Sunday, December 25, 2011

An aDEERable painting Tutorial

A few weeks ago I saw this amazing idea to use feet to make reindeer.   I thought they were so adorable, that I just had to try it out.  I thought if I liked it so much that the parents in my classroom would also like it.  With that thought, I got started having my students make the reindeer.  They turned out so well that then I wanted to have my son make one.  When I went to the store to make the deer on a canvas my creative mind wondered and I ended up getting a bigger canvas to make a family reindeer picture.  Here is a picture of the final product.  I LOVE it! 
What you need:
Brown Paint
Blue Paint (I forgot this)
Red Paint
Sharpie Marker

What to do:
1. Decide on who's feet you are going to paint.  I choose to have my whole family paint their feet.
2. Paint the bottom of one foot and place it on the canvas.  Be sure to press down on the foot and toes to get a better print.
3. Paint the other foot and place it on the canvas making sure to press down again.
4.  After you get all the footprints on the canvas that you want, let the paint dry.
5. Once the paint is dry, paint the thumb of each person you had make a footprint red.  Have them press their thumb half way on their foot and half way off the foot creating a nose.  (I also think a different shade of brown would look good too.)
6.  Once the noses dry then use a fine tipped paintbrush and create the antlers.
7.  Next use the blue paint (or blue Sharpie) to make a circle for the eyes. 
8.  If you use paint you will need to let it dry, but if you used a marker, go ahead and trace around the eye with the black paint.  I ended up making eyelashes for the girl in my family.
9.  Then add the year at the bottom so you never forget when this aDEERable painting was created. 
10. Last, I added a ribbon around the frame to make it looks more finished.
11.  Enjoy your painting!

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