Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wonderful Christmas

What a Wonderful Christmas!  
I had such a wonderful Christmas this year.  I feel so blessed.  This year I really thought about family and how important family is.  Although some of our family lives in Ohio and we were sad we couldn't be with them, I am fortunate enough that my Mom and Dad live in Florida a few hours away.  I was so excited because they were coming to my house this year for Christmas.  My mom just got back from my sister's house in Ohio on Christmas Eve but she still wanted to come down to visit me on Christmas Day.  I had planned this grand meal for Christmas.  We made a Honey Ham, Salad, Cheesy Potatoes, and homemade Apple Pie.  Prior to them coming down I had been busy making Buckeyes, cookies, and homemade Chex Mix.  I had never made Buckeyes or Chex Mix before so it was very interesting to make them.  I did learn that the next time I make Buckeyes, that I need to make them smaller and figure out how not to have a toothpick hole in the middle of it.  Plus, I think some of the chocolate tastes funny so I need to figure out what chocolate is the best to use. (HERE is the recipe I followed for the Buckeyes)  I also learned that Chex Mix isn't hard to make at all and it is even better homemade than buying it.  Plus it is cheaper to make it.  I used the recipe on the box of the Chex box for the regular Chex Mix.  Here are some pictures of the Buckeyes and Chex Mix.  It is too bad that you can't smell them through your computer because they smell delicious.

Homemade Chex Mix
 We were so lucky to have Santa visit our house this year.  I guess that means we were all nice this year. :)  We got a new tree this year.  I just love it!  I love how it has the fake snow on it.  I think it helps it feel more like winter since we are still having 80 degree weather.  We actually have 3 trees in our house.  This gorgeous one is in our Family Room.  I call it the pretty tree because it has all matching decorations on it.  Then we have another tree in the extra bedroom.  The extra bedroom could also be called an Office or the "Man Cave."  I love this tree too, but it has random ornaments on it.  Plus all the ones I had when I was growing up, Snoopy ornaments, and the homemade ones that Liam has made.  I love decorating this tree every year because it brings back so many memories.  The final third tree is in Liam's room.  It is the Charlie Brown tree.  I love this tree too because I love Snoopy.  Liam has also starting liking Snoopy so it is the perfect tree for his room.

Our Family Room Tree (matching tree)

Liam and Dad playing with the Black Car that Liam asked Santa for.  I guess, Syde the Elf, didn't tell Santa about the last few days.  :)
Opening more gifts.

And opening more presents.
Play with Play Dough he received for a gift.

Liam making a silly face when he posed with Grandpa G.

Gg, Liam, and Grandpa G

 Oh my!! I love the picture above.  I think it is so adorable. 

Gg, Liam, Me

What a wonderful Christmas!

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