Monday, May 28, 2012

Crayon Wreath Tutorial

Hey yall! I'm Natalie and I blog over at Teachery Tidbits. I am sooo excited to be a guest blogger for April today! Thanks so much, girl!

I'm not sure about you guys, but I am officially on summer! My goal for this summer is to create some of those awesome crafts I've been 'pinning.' It's going to be a crafty kind of summer, for sure!

How many of you have pinned the crayon wreaths?
It was one of the first things I pinned, and I desparately wanted to make one! So....I did!

It was really easy. Here are the materials needed:
*Crayons (I used a 64 pack of Crayolas)
*Hot glue
*2 different sized embroidery hoops. I can't remember the exact sizes I bought, but it doesn't really matter. You just need 2 different sized hoops, where one can fit inside the other.
*White acrylic paint
*Wood letters
*Assorted colors acrylic paint

Ready for these easy steps???

1. Put the smaller hoop inside the larger hoop. Keep the spacing the same all the way around the hoop. I painted both of my hoops white, but you could definitely keep it the natural wood color.
2. Arrange the crayons on the hoop...have fun with it! I put mine all with the label facing up and did all the colors, but you could totally just pick your favorite colors or do some type of pattern.

3. Start gluing! Glue one crayon at a time, so that you can keep your spacing somewhat even. Also, don't use too much glue, or it will just melt the wax.

4. Wrap the ribbon around a couple of crayons at the top and glue.

5. Paint the wooden letters however you like, and glue them on.

Simple, right? I made these as gifts for a couple of teachers, and I love the way they turned out!

I used letters to represent their last names, and I found those little wooden apple cutouts at Hobby Lobby. I just painted them, then wrote their names inside with a sharpie.

Hope you guys are inspired to go make your own! I probably spent less than $20 on the materials for all 3 wreaths, so it was pretty inexpensive to make!

April-thanks so much for letting me be your guest today! Isn't she awesome, yall?

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  1. Love the tutorial!! Thanks so much for being a guest blogger!!


  2. This looks fabulous! Awesome tutorial :)

    My Second Sense

  3. Those are adorable! I definitely see another summer project ;)

    Dirty Hands & Lesson Plans

  4. Such a fabulous tutorial!! I can't wait to try it out!!:)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  5. Thanks so much for this tutorial!! I am moving schools this year so this would be a great gift to give my new teacher friends at the beginning of the year!

  6. I loved this so much that I shared it in a roundup of Back-to-School projects on my blog today! You can see it here: Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    ~Abby =)
    Just a Girl and Her Blog