Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Preschool Days

Preschool Days

My oldest son began school this week so my youngest son and I began preschool.  I am treasuring this time with my little one.  Such special moments I get with him and I get to teach him.  

We began our day of preschool by sorting colors using Fruit Loops.

Photo of matching colors

I found this sorting page at icanteachmychild.com.  Click below for the webpage.

After we sorted by color we counted each group.  We laid the cereal out in a row and then he counted.  We also started talking about which color has more and less.  That concept is a little bit too difficult but he will get it if we keep working on it.
Photo of colors

My son really seemed to enjoy sorting and counting the cereal.  He also enjoyed eating the cereal.  

Next we matched shapes.  He was able to do this pretty easily so then I asked him what each shape was.  He would make the shape with his fingers and then shrug his shoulders.  I know he knew some of the shapes so I figured it was time to take a break.  After the break he could tell me some of the shapes.

Photo of matching shapes

Click the link to find this activity.  Shape Match

Next we moved onto cutting.  I drew some lines on a page and told him to try to cut on the line.  He did pretty well at the straight and at the big zig zag lines.  The curvy line was more tricky for him.  He does know how to hold scissors correctly. 

 Photo of cutting

After cutting we took another break.  Then I downloaded the free trial of ABC Mouse.com.  I had used this with my other son and he seemed to enjoy it so I thought I would try this with my youngest.  He liked the different games and especially liked the coloring part. 

Photo of Letters Wolfelicious

The last thing we worked on was sorting letter C and A.  I am starting with teaching him letters that are in his name first.  We will need lots more work on letters but he is still young so we have time.

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Have a Wolfelicious day!

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