Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Preschool Days 2

Another wonderful day of preschool in the Wolfe house!  My little guy enjoyed getting to paint with q-tips.

Here are somethings we did.

We practiced shapes by trying to trace the shape word.  Then we used q-tips and painted dots around the shape.  

Photo of Wolfelicious

He really enjoyed doing this.  He took his time and was trying to get in the circles on the paper. 

Photo by Shapes Wolfelicious

Check out these wonderful shape worksheets HERE.

He does a great job with knowing what a triangle and a circle are.  He can easily identify them to me.

Photo by Painting Shapes

Next we worked on a shape that I knew he was having trouble with.  We talked about what shape it was and how all the sides are the same size.  Then we found some things in our kitchen that were squares.  Last, I had him trace the word square and then paint it. (I was amazed at his tracing this time.  He took his time and really tried to stay right on the dotted lines.  We are making progress. :))

Photo of Wolfelicious

Next we worked on the letter A.  He wants to call it O so we can't going over and over that it is an A.  On this paper he had to find all the A's and color them.  He was able to do this!  His coloring is a little crazy but that will come in time. 

                                       Photo of Letters Wolfelicious

Check out these wonderful Spot and Dot! worksheets HERE.

After finding all the A's he had another coloring page that had an uppercase A and a lowecase a on it. Plus it had an ant.  He has been working on that throughout the day.

Check out these wonderful coloring sheets HERE.

Next we worked on ABC Mouse for a little while and then  he wanted to take a break. 

                                       Photo by Tired boy Wolfelicious

He worked really hard today and I am super proud of him.

Here is a short video I made of what all we did.   


Have a Wolfelicious day!

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