Saturday, September 7, 2013

Week 4- Short and Sweet

This week was short and sweet!  Monday we had off for Labor Day and Thursday we had the day off for Rosh Hashanah.  Yes, it was a silly week of school with all those days off and no, we don't have that big of a Jewish population but we have to follow the District's calendar.  So, we had Thursday off too.  Even though it was a short week, we still had lots if learning to do.  We learned the letter K, took a test in math, and learned about apples.  Here are some pictures of our week.  

Every morning we begin with our alphabet song that goes with our reading program. We use the Read Well program. Each morning I pick a student to point to the letters while the entire class sings the song.  

I decided to go with 10 different centers this year.  I am constantly trying to think what would be beneficial for the students at the centers. Here are some of them in action. 
The students are playing Teach Me Kindergarten. 

Rhyming puzzle cards. 

Tracing pictures and then they color them.  

The students get lined paper and practice writing the alphabet.  

The students cover the letter with Play Doh. 

We also made a king crown for the letter K.    

We also did some apple activities.  We color and covered an apple.

We sequence an apple plant.  

This week I also had to assess my students because on Wednesday mid-terms go home.   It seems like we just started school so I can't believe I already have to reassess them.  Boy!!!  I must be getting old because time goes so fast anymore.  😃  After I reassessed my students' letter knowledge I had them write their names on my letter banners of the knew 100% of them.  I have an uppercase and lowercase banner.  I am SO excited that some of my students we able to write their name on the banner.  I think we must be off to a great year!

On Friday I got a little surprise from my mom.  Isn't she so sweet!!

Thanks for checking out my week! 


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  1. I thought my county was the only one who had Thursday off. I love your banners for the children to sign up! They look fancy. I need to get my "clubs" up.