Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week 5- Moose, Apples, and Johnny

Another exciting week in my class!  Very busy finishing up assessments for mid-terms and getting all the curriculum in.  Here are some of the things we did this week!

We learned the letter M.  Moose, monkey, and mangos!  We made our weekly hat! 

Photo of moose wolfelicious

Aren't those hats just adorable?!

Next we started our Reading Notebooks.  I am so excited about these.  I purchased the Interactive Reading Journal from the amazing Deanna Jump.  We have been going over fiction and nonfiction so I thought it would be the perfect time to start our journals.

Photo of Reading Notebook Wolfelicious

We learned what nonfiction and fiction means using the PowerPix for them.  Then we added this activity to our notebooks.  I can't wait to add more to them.  I love how it has the standards on the activities.

Next we had an apple tasting.  We tasted the 3 different kinds of apples.  The red, yellow, and green apples.  After we tried them, the students had to color the color of their apple the color they liked the most.  Then we graphed the apples to see what our class liked the most. (Oops, I forgot to take a picture of the graph).  I got the Apples Anchor Charts from Mrs. Hoffer's Spot.

Photo of apple Wolfelicious

Next we talked about Johnny Appleseed.  I made the same craftivities as I used last year.  Check them out here.  Then we made the Johnny Appleseed hats!!  My kiddos LOVE making hats.  
Johnny Appleseed Hats Wolfelicious
Next we talked about the Seasons of an apple tree.  (Apple Anchor ChartWe added things to the chart that happen in the Fall.  Learning about Fall is always difficult in Florida since it is still 90 degrees out and our trees don't lose their leaves.  I really think this anchor chart will help the students learn the seasons better.
Photo of Season Anchor Chart Wolfelicious

The students had a blast learning about apples and Johnny Appleseed.  I am so proud of my students because they are doing so well with our Reading program too!

Lastly, my little boy is growing up way too fast!!  He thinks he should be able to walk.  Check out him standing.  

Photo of My Stander Wolfelicious

Thanks for stopping by!!  

I hope you have a Wolfelicious week!

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  1. Apple time, yay! Looks like you and your kiddos had a fun week!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  2. I've been meaning to check out Deanna's Interactive Notebook....thanks for sharing! And that baby of yours is too cute!

    Color Me Kinder