Saturday, August 31, 2013

Week 3 of 2013

Another week down.  It seems this year is going so quickly!  Next week we already having to test for mid-terms that go out the following week.  We have a short week next week with Labor Day Monday and then we are also off on Thursday.  So much to do and so little time.  I also have to finish my Deliberate Practice Goals and turn them in.  I am having a difficult time deciding what goals I want to make for myself this year.  My breaks this year at school are consumed with pumping so it makes me feel like I am behind everyday.  However, it makes me happy that I am still able to feed my child with the BEST thing so that is my motivation to keep it up, even if I feel behind every single day.

Anyways, on to what we did this past week!

Every morning we begin our day with an alphabet song.  We use Read Well as our Reading Series so the song is a part of it.  We have already dove into the deep end with curriculum (we actually did the 2nd week).  The letters with pictures are the ones we have taught.  The Read Well program does a letter a week for the whole group reading.  We also incorporate Spaulding Phonics into our curriculum. 

photo of Wolfelicious Read Well Morning Song

This week I taught about the 5 Senses.  I always like finding new ways to teach concepts to my kiddos.  It keeps it interesting for me and the students.  I found a wonderful website that had a Lap Book on it. (This and That)  I love the idea of Lap Books and the kiddos always think they are so cool.  Here is the front cover of the book. (most papers for the Lap Book are on the This and That website)  I did change it a little bit, but not a lot.

photo of wolfelicious 5 senses book

The inside of the Lap Book.  I used the I Have Five Senses book from the website and the labeled tongue.  Then I found another flip book that I really liked so I added that to the inside of the Lap Book too. (Flip Book)
photo of wolfelicious 5 senses book

On the back of the book we completed this sound page.  I bought a 5 Senses Unit from TPT and I really liked this part of it.  The students loved guessing what cup had what in it.

Photo of Wolfelicious 5 Senses

Once we had all that 5 Senses completed the week was over.  I still have a couple spot we could have put something.  I will have to make sure I plan longer than a week for my 5 Senses unit so we can fill the whole Lap Book up.  I told the kiddos that they could add to it at home.  All my kiddos were able to name all their senses.  Wahoo!

Every week we have been adding to our PowerPix.  I just love WBT.  It has made such a difference in my class.  Here are the ones we have learned so far.  We go over these as a whole group and with our partners.
Photo of Wolfelicious WBT PowerPix

Here is my chart for my phonograms.  These are the ones we have learned so far.  As I told you before we have are diving into the deep end with it only being the 3rd week and already learning so much.  Each week we when we learn new sounds I flip over the cards.  This pocket chart is on my restroom door and is there for the students to use to help them learn the phonograms.

Photo of Wolfelicious Phonograms

We had another Wolfelicious week!  I hope yours was Wolfelicious too!

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  1. I feel so fortunate to have found your blog via Pinterest. I'm a new to kindergarten teacher and I was interested in your alphabet chant on the smart board. I'm off to Google more information, as well as PowerPix. I'm your newest follower!