Saturday, August 17, 2013

Week 1 of 2013

I just completed my first week with students for the 2013 school year.  We started with a big BANG!

We had a busy first week!!  We had curriculum to learn while I was teaching my students my rules and procedures.  

~~Side Note~~
The most valuable tool for new teachers I have learned over my 11 years is make sure you teach your class what you expect from them.  From how you want them to wash their hands to how to want them to sit in their chairs.  Seriously, teach them what your expect for everything.  This helps with your classroom management so much!  Don't just assume they know how to do things.  You will get a better result if you teach them what you expect.
~~End Note~~

We learned the letter A, sight words- red, blue, and yellow, and started our first unit in Math.  We also talked about our families.  Here are some pictures of our first whole week! 

We made hats to help us learn our sight words for the week.  We learned the Heidisongs song for red, blue, and yellow and made the color watches from The Ultimate Color Word Packet.

Photo of Sight Word Hop Wolfelicious
We played Sight Word Hop with our sight words.

Sight Word Hop
Lay sight word cards in a path and have the students jump on them while they say the sight word.

We created an anchor chart for coloring.  I wanted to show the kiddos what I expected them to do when they colored.  I have HIGH expectations and I wanted my kiddos to know exactly what I expected.  A great way to show that is using an anchor chart.
Photo of My Star Paper Wolfelicious

We made a class pendant.
Photo of Wolfelicious Pendants
We made a quilt piece.  I will save these pieces for the kiddos scrapbooks.
Photo of Beginning of Year Quilt
I got the pendants and the quilt pieces from this amazing TPT packet.  Kickin' Kindergarten Fun- Fun for the First Week of School.

We also started learning how to complete our centers.  I have decided to have 10 different centers so that only 2 kiddos can be in a group together.  I showed them how I wanted them to complete each center and we practiced this week doing them.  I showed them the picture that matched the center so they would know where to go.  Next week we will continue learning more centers.
Photo of Centers Wolfelicious

Overall, this was a Rockin first week!!  We will continue to learn procedures and add more curriculum next week.  My students are definitely becoming Wolfelicious!


  1. I completely agree with you about expectations. I spent the first week practicing the Big Seven, procedures, how to label papers, etc. I think it makes for an easier year and the students know exactly what to do.

  2. Oh my gosh Amy!!! Melt my heart!!! I LOVE seeing your kids wearing the hats!!!! You made my night!!