Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Teach, Okay!!

Today I decided to try to take a quick video of some of the different teaching tools of WBT.  My students saw that I was holding my phone, but I don't know if they realized I was video taping them.  Please excuse the shaky quick clips that I have taken.  I just thought it would be great to have you get a glimpse of my classroom and see how the students are learning. :)
Photo of Powerpix

The first video you can see is of the rules.  Since day one of school this year my class has practiced these rules.  We have discussed what they are and how to follow them.  

The second video for you is the video of my students practicing the PowerPix from WBT.  I absolutely love the Powerpix and the Teach, Okay method!  My students are understanding the concepts and I couldn't ask for anything more. It is really cool to watch them answer the questions and really know what they are talking about.  The greatest thing about Teach, Okay is that I get to watch and see who is understanding and who isn't.  I can then pull them aside if they are not understanding and help them understand the concept.  I am very proud of my class and the progress they have made so far.  We recently just added the switch part so some students are still catching on to that but I see them trying and really "getting" the concepts. 

How is your school year going so far?  Are you using any part of WBT in your classroom?

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  1. Love the videos! Thanks for sharing your class in action with WBT. I am wanting to use that when I get my own classroom! Seems to be a way to really engage the kids!

  2. Looks like they are doing GREAT! :) Thanks for sharing your videos. I love them!

  3. The videos are really cute. I like the kids hand motions when explaining vowels. I've been practicing "class-yes" , and "hands and eyes" for a while now and they totally have it. I want to introduce the mirror soon :)

  4. I just found your blog, and loved the video! I haven't fully implemented WBT, but "teach-ok" was one of the first aspects I loved and continue to use in my classroom! I look forward to hearing more about WBT from your class.

    BTW - you might already have one, but I'm giving away a free laminator on my blog! Come check it out if you don't already have one! :)

    Sensational Seconds

  5. Absolutely love your videos, I love WBT, and try to use it in my room. However, it is not used in my school so, I can not use it as much as I like. Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. April,
    Give your class a Ten Finger Wooo from me! They are blessed to have you for their teacher!

    Mrs. Stoltenberg's Second Grade Class

  7. I am a first year k teacher and I have implemented the rules, scoreboard and hands and eyes. Question though: How did you start with teach-ok? Do you use mirror? How did you start this? My kids know all the rules by heart but some still don't do all the gestures. I was really happy when my class got the rules and they love it. Thank you if you can answer my questions. Love your videos :) My email is tgcrzy4u30@gmail.com