Saturday, September 22, 2012


This year is going so fast.  I can't believe Friday was already our 30th day of school.  I have been so busy and bad about writing posts.  I think I need more time every day.

I am excited to share with you an idea I came up with for one of our Florida standards for Social Studies.
Describe and give examples of seasonal weather changes, and illustrate how weather affects people and the environment. 

Last week we were talking about Fall.  It is difficult in South Florida to have the students completely understand what Fall is when it is still 90 or so degrees outside everyday and the trees always look the same.  

I usually have the students decorate trees with tissue paper for the different seasons.  This year I decided to use a small plate to make the trees instead of a big plate.  The students painted the 4 trees.  Then over the week the students made a tree with tissue paper to represent the different seasons.  Then I had them glue their trees to construction paper.  Then this is when I thought I came up with a bright idea! :)  I found a palm tree online and printed 4 out for each student.  The students colored and cut the trees.  Then they glued the trees to the other side of the construction paper.  We labeled the trees for the north with the correct season and then labeled the trees with up north and down south.  We discussed that trees look different in the north during the different seasons, but in Florida they always look the same.  Then we discussed the weather according to the season for up north and down south.  Here is a picture of one of my students completed projects.   
Photo of WOlfelicious Seasons

I think the students did a great job and they now have a better understanding of the seasons. 

I did think up another idea that I would love to create and complete with this project, however I haven't because I haven't found the time to create it yet.  I would like to create a project that the students dress a person/stick figure for each season.  I would also have them dress the figures for up north and down south so they understand the weather changes better.  I think this would really help the students understand the different seasons.

Well, thanks for visiting my blog and reading about my season idea.  I hope your school year is going well. 

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  1. Hi April! This is such a cute idea! I love how it turned out. Thanks for sharing! Thanks for the additional ideas to use with my maps and globes unit also. I appreciate it!


  2. That's a great idea, April. I just may have to copy you. Thanks!

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    Ruby Slippers

  3. I love to teach my kids about maps! But like yours, they get easily confused:) Love your circle idea!

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