Sunday, September 9, 2012

SIW Update

This year I am trying out the Super Improvers Wall from Whole Brain Teaching.  

At the beginning of the year I had the white stars placed throughout the whole board.  I soon realized that yes, it looked good, but the students were not able to reach their stars.  If the students couldn't reach their stars to place their stickers on then I didn't think it would motivate the students as well.  I ended up moving all the stars lower so the students would be able to put their own star on.

Last week was my first week implementing this wall into my classroom.  I had to test the students on their alphabet knowledge again for mid-terms.  If they improved from the beginning of the year, I gave them a star.   It was so cool to see how excited the students were to add a star to their star.  I can't wait to have them add more.  I do think this is going to be a great motivator.  

Photo of SIW

Have you started using your SIW?  How is it going?

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  1. I just started using my SIW last week! I am still using my clip chart, so my SIW is mostly for academic improvements (with a bit of double dipping)! So far, I've had three students earn stars. I have a star hole puncher that we're using. The students were beaming when they added a star! I really think I will like my SIW... it just have to remind myself to be on the lookout for improvements!

    EduKate and Inspire

  2. I absolutely LOVE Super Improver... I just posted about Coach's updates to Super Improver on the forums... he gave some great ideas to help us further encourage our students during the August 21, 2012 - Open Chat... it can be found on YouTube... and my response is on the forums and at my blog!