Sunday, March 18, 2012

Easter Wreath

Today is my last day on Spring Break!  Boo!!!  I think I need another week.  Please!  Well, anyways I had a great time during my break.  I was able to relax, clean, organize, blog stalk, visit my mama, and swim.  

For my last day I decided to spend it doing laundry, relaxing and making this Easter wreath.

This is how I made it.
green yarn
green sparkly yarn

I started by using my Hot Glue Gun and putting a dot of glue on the wreath and attaching the yarn to it.  Once the glue is hard, I start wrapping the green yarn around the wreath.

Once finished wrapping the wreath with the green yarn, I use the Hot Glue Gun again to put a dot of glue to glue down the end of the yarn. 

Then I do the same exact thing only this time I use the sparkly green yarn.  I also don't wrap it as close as I did before.  I have little gaps of regular yarn between the sparkly yarn. 

Once I wrap the sparkly yarn all the way around, I glue the end down.  Then I use the glue gun again and glue the eggs onto the wreath.  Then your wreath is finished!

I hung my wreath on my front door to get a little holiday spirit at my house.

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