Monday, March 19, 2012

Easter Bunny, Ai and Ay Activity, Math Help!

Today was my first day back after Spring Break.  It was great to see the students!  It seems like the students had a great break.  They were full of stories.  

Here are two items I just added to my Teachers Notebook Shop.  Check them out.

First up is an adorable Easter Bunny.  

Next up is the Ay and Ai Person.  My students are having trouble with the difference between the two phonograms.  I decided to draw up a person with a stain on their shirt and then have a speech bubble coming from the person's mouth like they are saying something.  I am hoping this hopes my students visualize the two sounds. 

If you are interested in them, please check out my shop.  You can click the picture of the button below.

Math Help!!  
I need some suggestions of how you teach addition to you kiddos.  We are currently using Math Connects at my school.  The addition in it say so many pictures plus so many pictures.  We want the students to be able to fluently know their addition facts.  The trick is, our book doesn't do it and all 7 of us have to been on the same page as far as what we are doing.  I want to make a math addition fact graph to start with so the students can see the patterns the facts make.  I also have some centers happening in my classroom that the students move at their pace to figure out what combinations make certain numbers.  They start out making 4 and then once they complete all the centers for 4, they move on to the next number.  Do you use flash cards to help your students get their math facts or do you use something else?  I need ideas please!!  Ideas that will help all 7 of us be doing the same thing.  Thanks so much.
On a side note, I receive the Great Pencil Sharpener that bloggers have been talking about in the mail today.  Apparently I didn't look very well when I checked it out at the website because I was very surprised when there wasn't a plus with it.  For some reason I thought it was an electric pencil sharpener.  I can't wait to give it a try tomorrow though.  I hope it lives up to what everyone was saying. ;-) 


  1. April, I use music to teach addition, as well as manipulatives of course. I also make a lot of sheets with the children's names on them - they really love seeing their names in little math stories. I also sell these papers on TPT. This is a good idea for a blog post - I'll do one about addition in the next few days!

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT

    1. Sharon,
      Thanks for replying. My team and I decided today what we were going to do. It seems like to me the more they practice addition the better they will be.


  2. Thanks for linking up with me! I appreciate it!

    Sharing Kindergarten