Friday, December 6, 2013

Elf, Magnets, Nutcracker, Oh Boy!

This was an exciting week at Wolfelicious!  We started the week with getting a package from Santa.  The package was cold.

Photo of Wolfelicious Present Elf
The students passed around the present so they could feel it.  They couldn't believe it felt cold!  I asked them what they thought it could be and they told me ice cream.  I guess they must have been hungry.

Photo of Wolfelicious Present Elf
Still checking out the package.

Photo of Wolfelicious Surprise Elf
After everyone got to feel the box, I slowly by surely opened it.  I ripped off a little at a time.  I started ripping from the back.  Then when I went to the front I balanced the present and my camera so I could capture their faces.  I love their faces after seeing that Santa sent our classroom an elf.  The little boy in the front with his hands covering his mouth!  That is priceless!  The girls with the wide open mouth! I love this picture!  It shows so excited they were.

Photo of Wolfelicious Elf
One day when we got to school Wolfie (don't you LOVE the name), was at the top of our Christmas tree.  Silly me, I forgot to take a picture of the other spots that Wolfie found.  Hopefully I will remember next week.

On Wednesday, my kindergartners sang their hearts out.  We had our Christmas concert!  They did a Rockin' job!

Photo of Wolfelicious Concert

For Science this week we learned about Magnets.  The students enjoyed learning about magnets.  I tried using a Whole Brain Teaching lesson plan when teaching the students about magnets.  It made me in teacher heaven!

Photo of Wolfelicious Magnets
The students are figuring out what is magnetic and what is not magnetic.

Photo of Wolfelicious Magnets

Here is a sneak peak at what we have in store for next week.

Photo of Wolfelicious Racking

Photo of Wolfelicious Racking

Guess what?!  I finally added another item to my TPT and Teacher's Notebook stores.  It is perfect for the Holiday season.

It is..........


Nutcracker Craftivity!

 Check it out at my stores.
TPT     Teacher's Notebook

My boys got pictures taken from school.  Here is my favorite one.

Photo of Wolfelicious

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a Wolfelicious day!

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  1. Your students are so excited, and your boys are PRECIOUS! You have so much to be proud of! =)