Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas at Wolfelicious

What do you get your teacher?

  I know that is always a question I have for my son's teacher.  I know that being a teacher you always get lots of great things, however sometimes you get things that aren't so wonderful.  Because I am a teacher I know I always want to get my son's teacher's something they would like and not throw away.  This year I got a lot of awesome and thoughtful gifts!
  Gifts that I will use. 
(sorry don't mean to be mean, but you know the gifts that are super nice but you never use? That you rather just have the $5 they spent on it.)

This year I got tons of an awesome gifts!   Here is a picture of what I got!
Photo of Wolfelicious Teacher Gift
There are so many reasons why I love this gift. The Olive Garden (my favorite restaurant), Target (my favorite store), Outback (another favorite restaurant), and so many more!  My parents took the time to work together and make the perfect gift for me that I WILL use and enjoy!  (I feel very blessed).  
It appears that a money tree does exist and Oh boy! Do I LOVE it!  

Besides the wonderful gift card tree, I got a lot of other wonderful gifts!  Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts cups (I guess my students have noticed my choice of a beverage in the morning, hehe). Homemade body scrubs that smell great and homemade cookies.  I definitely feel very blessed!  I truly appreciated all their gifts to me and I love how thoughtful and awesome the gifts are!

Ok, moving on....
The last week before we were off was super busy. (I am seeing a super busy trend every single week). We were finishing up the quarter so I had to finish up my assessments and their grade cards. It always takes me forever to do the comments on the grade cards.  
We made some craftivities.  Last year I saw this Santa on TPT and I know I had to fit it in this year. The Techy Santa!  I love how it looks and it fits nicely in my classroom. I am so glad I purchased it.  We used the iSanta Apps page to draw what the students wanted for Christmas.  They loved being able to choose that many things. 

Photo of Wolfelicious Techy Santa

Photo of Wolfelicious Techy Santa

We made our gift bag for our ornaments. I love making the reindeer bags.  They always turn out so cute. 

Photo of Wolfelicious Reindeer Gift Bags

We played Heidisongs sight word game, Jingle Bell Bang. I just love this and so does the students. They ask to play it again and again.  

Photo of Wolfelicious Sight Word Game

We continued RACKing around our school.  

Surprising the Media Center teacher. (I was hiding around the corner)

Photo of Racking

More RACKing!  Giving Smarties to another smart class.  

photo of Racking

This year I wanted to make a different ornament.  I always make the handprint snowman, but I thought this year it was overdone so I wanted to make something different.  I thought and thought about what my students could make that their parents will treasure.  I had seen another ornament on Pinterest that the person's child drew a picture and they put that inside.  After I saw that ornament I knew that is what I had to make with my class.  I had all my students draw a picture on a piece of white construction paper.  Then I couldn't get the paper to unroll in the ornament.  I thought I found the perfect gift, but I couldn't get it to look correct.  I tried watercolor paper too and not luck with that unrolling either.  So then I thought I would try one more thing.  I used a clear sleeve pocket protector.  I cut them up to about 3" by 3" and had the students use Shapies to draw a big picture.  I stressed to them that the picture had to be BIG.  The pocket protector unrolled and looked fabulous!!  Here is how some of them turned out!

Photo of Wolfelicious Ornament

Photo of Wolfelicious Ornament

As you can see, I added a great big bow and it made them look super cute!

Here are the cups I made for my son's teacher's.  I think they turned out Wolfelicious!  Yes, I added their name and the Keep Calm.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you and your family had a Wolfelicious Christmas and New Year!

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  1. What a super fun time of year! So glad you liked your "giving tree". Thank you for everything you do for Ashlynn.