Sunday, January 27, 2013

TV Armoire Change Up

A couple months ago my mom brought me her old TV armoire.  After having it sit in the garage for what seemed like forever, I had decided that I would put it on Craigslist and get rid of it.  Well, then I started getting out clothes for the baby to prepare and I quickly realized that I didn't have enough space for everything.  Ugh...  now what to do???  So...

I decided I needed to redo the TV armoire to create a closet for my new lil.  

Here is a before picture. 
Photo of before tv armoire Wolfelicious
It did come with both drawers.  I must have taken one out before I took the picture.  As you can see the back of the armoire was completely shot.  Also there were some scratches on it.  After deciding what exactly I was going to do with it, I started by sanding it with an electric sander and then I applied a primer.  I also took off the old back and added a new back to I didn't have any holes in it.  My husband went ahead and added the bar for the clothes, however it wasn't exactly where I wanted it so I took it back off.

Photo of Primer Wolfelicious
Once the primer was set, I applied the color I chose to paint it.  In the store the color was a pretty blue.  It seemed a lot darker then what it turned out.  I still like the color it is just brighter than what I had planned on.  Then I bought new handles to add to it.  The handles ended up being tricky.  I had to go to the store 3 different times.  The holes in the drawers were a strange size to it took awhile to find something that would work. 

Here is the end result!
photo of after tv armoire to closet Wolfelicious

Here is the new inside.  I added wallpaper to the inside of it to dress it up more.  I also re-added the bar for the clothes where I wanted it ;) and then I added the shelf to it.
Photo of inside of closet

I think it turned out really well.  It will be perfect for my lil boy coming soon.  I finally got it inside where I wanted it and was able to add items in it.
Photo of finished closet

Here is another before and after shot of the armoire.
Photo before and after
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  1. Wow! That looks AMAZING! You have me thinking now about an old wall unit we have downstairs! Very creative! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Oh my gosh! That is amazing!! You did an awesome job! Congrats on the new addition to your family!

  3. What a great idea! Looks fabulous! :)

  4. It's beautiful April! You did an amazing job!!! :-)


  5. It looks amazing!! Great job!

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  6. Gorgeous~!! I love how it came out.

  7. Where did you get the new backing?