Friday, January 25, 2013

MLK, Big Idea 8, Baby Sprinkle

This week went really fast.  On Monday, we had Kagan training all day.  Then on Tuesday we celebrated Martin Luther King Junior.  We made a book about Martin Luther King.  I loved looking at the pictures they drew of him.

Photo of MLK Book Wolfelicious

Then we also did everything that I mentioned in my blog post last year about MLK.  Click here to check that post out!  I love having them make the cut and paste activity with my class. It is always interesting to see how they are turn out.  They are always so different.  

This week, one of my awesome assistants made me some Buckeyes!!!  They are delicious!! 
Photo of Buckeyes

This week we also worked on the Science Big Idea of 8 and 9.

Big Idea 8 is Properties of Matter. 
SC.K.P.8.1 Sort objects by observable properties, such as size, shape, color, temperature (hot or cold), weight (heavy or light), and texture.
So we practiced sorting by color, shape, color and shape, weight, temperature, and texture.  My students were already familiar with sorting because we have sorted in Math class.  I set up my class into four groups and then each group was given different items they could sort.
Photo of Sorting wolfelicious

Sorry the picture is sideways.  Students are sorting by color.

Photo of sorting by color wolfelicious

I made sure the kiddos understood what we were doing by having each child grab a colored shape.  Then the students had to group themselves by color.  The students did a great job with this.

Here are some of my students with their group.  They are holding up their shapes with colors.
Photo of sorting by colors Wolfelicious

Photo of sorting by color Wolfelicious

photo of sorting by color wolfelicious

We then continued our centers on sorting by sorting by shapes, color and shapes, weight, temperature.  The students really enjoyed the centers.

We have begun the scary double phonograms.  They are usually very tricky for my students.  Every week I make sure we take time out to practice writing the phonograms so the students really understand them.  We are really working on writing correctly on the lines too with our letters so it is perfect to practice with our phonograms.  When we practiced I had the students face their partners.  Then the students wrote their answer and when I said partner check the partners checked the work to make sure it was the correct and formed correctly.
photo of wolfelicious

This week we had to read Cinderella.  I choose to read a regular version of Cinderella and then a different version (Cinderella Skeleton) so we could compare.  I love reading Cinderella Skeleton because the boys in my class always enjoy it.  I had them tell me the main character and then the beginning, middle, and end of the story.
Photo of Cinderella Wolfelicious
Last Saturday I was surprised with a Baby Sprinkle.  If you don't know what a Sprinkle is, it is the Baby Shower for the second baby.  I thought I was having a day of pampering but instead I was happily surprised with the Sprinkle.  I couldn't believe it.  I really didn't think I was having anything.  
Walking into the surprise Sprinkle!  Sorry for the glare.
photo of sprinkle wolfelicious
photo of presents
Photo of Wolfelicious

Today my class and classroom parents had a surprise shower for me.  It has been a week of full of surprises.  I am so honored my class would do this for me.  It was so special.  Here are some pictures of the surprise.
 Photo of Cake
The students took yarn and cut it to how big they thought my belly was. 

Another thing the students did was write the name they thought I should name the baby.  Lots of them voted for Tobey.  It was adorable to see what they thought.

The showers we so great!!!  I am one lucky gal!!!

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  1. Happy Sprinkle Day! Looks like you've been loved. Can't wait to hear what you name the new prince.
    My Second Sense

  2. Wow, how sweet of your class to have a little shower for you. It looks like you have had a busy week :)

  3. The baby sprinkle is SO sweet! We are expecting baby number 2 as well!
    Best wishes
    Sharing Kindergarten

  4. Too cute!! I'm a new mom as well. Just had my twins on Dec. 19th :) And I'm your newest follower.