Sunday, August 19, 2012

Open House

We had Open House on Saturday, August 4th.  My room was all set up for parents and students to see.  I also like having my take home folder all prepped so the parents and can take that home and read through the paperwork.

Photo of Open House paperwork

 Photo of Open House Setup
 At each child's seat, there is their blue take home folder (Snoopy Book), a pink welcome paper so they know what to do, and apple with the apple poem, a baggie of goodies for each student, and my Student Info Paper for them to fill out.

Photo of Wish List

All of us in our school make out a wish list of items we need for parents to take and donate to our class.  I wrote what I wanted on the flags the Woodstock was holding.  The note beside it says if they would like to donate please take a Woodstock.  Here are some of the items I asked for:
Paper bags
Magic Eraser

Throughout the year if I need items I asked the parents through my newsletter.
Photo of Back table Setup
 At my back table I have: containers for paperwork, fees, and Student Info Sheet.  I also have a sign in sheet so the parents get volunteer hours for coming, party sign up, email sign up, and how their child is getting home. 

During our Open House the parents and students come to meet their new teacher and they check out the room.  I usually take a picture of each child during Open House so I can label different things in my classroom, however I didn't have everyone show up this year so I haven't printed the pictures off yet. 

Well, another school year has officially started!   Here is to a great year and teaching my students everything and more that they need to know!
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  1. Looks like you are ready for an awesome year girl!

  2. Your classroom looks great! I can't believe you did openhouse during Saturday! That would be unbelievable in Spain.

  3. Your room looks fantastic! Your students are lucky to have you. That is unusual that your open house was on a Saturday........but different things in different parts of the world, right? I have taught at schools that start at 7:25, and schools that start at 9:00!

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher