Friday, August 3, 2012

My Super Improvers Wall

All week (and last week, and the week before that) I have been putting together my classroom.  It is my favorite thing to do.  I LOVE decorating.  This year I wanted to create a Super Improvers Wall (Find more information about it at WBT).  I thought up a theme and got an idea of how I wanted to make the board look.  Well, today I am going to show you.

But, before I do show you I wanted to tell you why I wanted to do this board.  I love the idea of having the students put a sticker on a star when they have improved on something.  It can be improvement on anything.  This is allowing me to show the students that I notice their improvement and I acknowledge it.  It allows improvement for your best (high) students and your worst (low) students to feel great about themselves.  It allows your worst behavior student to see them self as an  improver.  Therefore, giving them a positive!  As teachers we want all of our students to feel successful and important.  I believe using a Super Improvers Wall will allow this. 

Here is my Rock'in Improvers Wall!  

Photo of Super Improvers Wall

I thought the rock theme would be perfect for my classroom.  I have all the stars already cut out.  I am going to have the students put stickers on their stars when they earn them.  I love the glitter on the guitars!  I think it is so fun!!  I got the idea for the words on the colors from Arlee Hall!!  Thanks Arlee!!  We had talked about themes on the Kindergarten WBT Facebook Fan Page and he posted what he used.  I loved it, so I made my own!!  

Do you have a SIW or something like it?  

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  1. Love the guitars!! How did you glitter them?

    Hooty's Homeroom

  2. AMAZING WALL!!!! I attended my first ever whole brain teaching training today and came home to find your link just now on my facebook page. I will also be doing a Super Improvers wall but mine will have a circus theme!!

  3. Very Nice!

    May I make an unsolicited suggestion if it's not too late? I'd switch Roadie and Groupie since a Groupie is basically a Super fan, and a Roadie is a legitimate step towards stardom.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs.D Reading with Mrs. D

  4. LOOOOOVE!!!! This is the final thing I need to put up in my room! Will you switch their big star out to all the different colors you have on there? I love WBT and have been spending hours watching the videos! Will you introduce this to the class on the first day or when? Thanks!!

  5. Ohmyword, it looks fabulous!!! I have not created my SIW yet... still looking for ideas! I do not have a classroom theme, so I am looking for a nice display in something other than a pocket chart. Let me know if you've seen any!

    EduKate and Inspire

  6. Wow!! You did absolutely amazing with your super improvers wall!! That looks awesome! Where did you find those great guitars?
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  7. I loved your Super Improvers Wall! I am doing an ocean theme so I am going go "Fishing for Improvers Wall"

  8. You are very fortunate to have a large space for such a creative theme! My SIT wall is quite small but still beloved by my students. Nice post!

    First Grade Frame of Mind

  9. The Super Improver Team is amazing at motivating students! Last year I had a Super Hero theme and this year I did a jungle theme! And I am excited to find another WBT blogger!!! Follow my journey at! I am your newest fan!