Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Research is FUN!

Research is FUN!!
Photo of Wolfelicious Research
Do you like teaching your students to research?  

This year I found a new lesson and a new way to get the students to enjoy researching.  It was pretty amazing to sit back and watch how engaged ALL my students were in learning about their famous person.

First we started off by picking a influential person.  Some of them knew of some of the people.  I told them I wanted them to pick someone they didn't know anything about so they could learn about someone new. 
Photo of Wolfelicious Research
After we picked out the person they were going to research we watched the video that told the kids how to research and the project they would be creating with the research they found.

This REALLY motivated the kids when they saw the project that went with learning about their person.
Next I went over how they were to research.  This was our second research project this year but this one they really had to do the researching. The last one they just used a qr codes to help them research the animal.  This one was REAL research like a big kid.

I went over how they could read the story I passed out about their person and grab information from that.  I also showed them how to use Safari on their iPad to research.  I showed them to go to Google and then type in or Kidrex to search on.  I told them they are not allowed to use google to search for their person.  Only Kiddle and Kidrex.  They all followed that rule.
Kiddle and Kidrex are search engines for children.  I had students use both and they seemed to work out really well. 

I told the students that they had to change the wording when they wrote it on their form.  We talked about how it was plagarism if they just copied what the story or website said and how it was wrong.  Making a sentence into their own is a difficult task for my 
        Photo of Wolfelicious Research
Then I went over how they needed to write down where they were getting their information from.  I told them how this was important for researching.  You always have to site your source.
         Photo of Wolfelicious Research
I had my students research for two days.  It was about a total of 2 hours researching.  The other two days we worked on writing the research paper and making the project on Morfo.
          Photo of Wolfelicious Research
The project was what I was really excited for.  I have been waiting all year to fit in this lesson.  The students found a picture of their famous person and took a screenshot of it.  Then they used Morfo to tell their research.  Here are some of my students projects!  

Didn't they do a fabulous job?  I love this project.  They learned a ton of information about their famous person and enjoyed making their project. To end the unit we uploaded our project to Seesaw so our parents could see our wonderful work. The parents also loved them. 

Have you heard of Reagan Tunstall?  She is an amazing teacher and created this Influential People lesson that I did with my class. Go check it out!!

I hope you try researching with your students.  Mine loved it and yours will too. 

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