Sunday, November 23, 2014

STEM, Technology, and Calendar Thinker

Have you heard of STEM?
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

I have heard of STEM and always wondered what it really was.  I think incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering and Math into lessons would make learning more fun and the students would use lots of different skills.  After looking and researching more about STEM, I knew I had to try it with my class.  I found a lesson that I wanted to try and I just jumped right in.

I decided to try the Cup Challenge with my class. 

I gave them the challenge question and explained some rules to them.  Then I said, "Go!"  

I decided not to assign different kids in each group with a job because I was curious what they would all do by themselves.

Photo of STEM Wolfelicious

Photo of STEM Wolfelicious

The students quickly and eagerly got started trying to complete the mission.  The groups of 4 or 5 were working together!  They were brainstorming.  At first they just stacked all the cups on one another.  Then, the coolest thing happened.  One table thought to stack them up differently.

Photo of STEM Wolfelicious

Once the other groups saw this kind of stacking, they joined in with their group.  They students were working together and measuring.  The excitement on their faces was unbelievable.

photo of STEM Wolfelicious

photo of STEM Wolfelicious

I could tell they were really enjoying completing this activity, but they were also learning.  Coming up with more ways of how to get their stack taller and taller.

Photo of STEM Wolfelicious

Photo of STEM Wolfelicious

I did have to step in a couple times and remind them not to be so loud, but the loudness was all about how excited they were to complete this assignment.

Photo of STEM Wolfelicious

Photo of STEM Wolfelicious

After 20 minutes the students had to stop.  Then we filled out a paper about their experience documenting their learning.

Photo of STEM Wolfelicious

To some people this my seem like playing, but the learning experiences they were getting were awesome!

Cooperative learning



and more!

I am by no means a STEM expert, or even close.  This was my first STEM lesson. I thought it was a great experience!  I plan on doing more in my classroom.  The students were really engaged in their learning!!  Who doesn't want to see that?!

Have you done any STEM lessons?  I would love to hear about them.

Friday was a HAPPY day!!!  

I had a special delivery to my classroom.

20 ipads!!!  Oh my!!!

Oh happy day!!!  Oh happy day!!!

Photo of iPads Wolfelicious

I can't wait to incorporate the iPads in my teaching!  Wish me luck in setting them all up!

This week we worked on poems.  Poems are SO difficult for first graders!!    
Here is one that made me smile.  I love reading their writings!  It is so neat to see what they come up with.  We did some of the poem together.  They had to come up with the rhyming words. Here was their outline.
When I am late, I ____, ____, and _____.
I _____ and _____.
Then I ________.

The red line had to rhyme and then the green lines had to rhyme.
Photo of funny writing wolfeicious

Here is what this one says:
When I am late
I skip, walk, and I jump. I
huff and I puff.
Then I hump

I feel students should be using technology.  This is how they are going to grow up.  It is necessary for them to learn how to use it.  To help my students learn using technology I have signed my class up to use the mobile lab on Thursday's.  Or what I like to call it is Technology Thursday.  I have scheduled my class to use them until mid-December so far.  We have used Spelling City to help us with our spelling words and Connect Ed to help us with our reading.
photo of technology thursday wolfelicious
I have finally made a new product!  I am super excited about this product!  I printed it off and have it ready to go for Monday.  During calendar this year I have had the students write and do the calendar problems in their folder.  This is a great way for the students to stay engaged in their learning.  I decided to make my own version so I could put in it what my students needed work on. 

photo of calendar thinker wolfelicious

Check out my new product!!  Calendar Thinker!

Have a Wolfelicious day!

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