Friday, February 28, 2014

Dr. Seuss and Wall of LOVE

This week was Wolfelicious week!!  We learned a lot and had a lot of fun doing it.  
 For Valentine's, I made a Wall of LOVE.  Each day we had school in February up to Valentine's Day I wrote something I LOVE about my class.  I numbered the hearts with what day I taped it to my board.  Everyday when the kiddos would walk in they would look to see what I LOVED about them.  They were sad when I took the hearts off the board once Valentine's Day was over.
Photo of Wall of Love Wolfelicious
We are now learning the double phonograms and it is getting super confusing.  I try to practice with my students as often as we can so they understand the phonograms.  I usually use magnetic boards to have them write the phonogram on.  This week I decided to use their Handwriting Practice Notebook and trace the phonogram when I said the sound.  The students seemed to enjoy it.  It is always good to mix things up to keep the students interested.

Photo of Phonogram Practice

Dr. Seuss
Today we had Dr. Seuss day.  For this day we switch with all the kindergarten classes.  We have each class for 20 minutes.  We read a story (watch a movie about a story) and have a snack.  I alway to The Sneetches.

Photo of Dr. Seuss Wolfelicious
I had two great parents make 140 star cookies with green frosting.

Photo of Dr. Seuss Wolfelicious

Photo of Dr. Seuss Wolfelicious
Then I had my students complete a writing about the Sneetches.  Do you think the Sneetches stayed nice to each other?  Their answers varied.  I love reading what their thinking was.  The sure are Smart Cookies!

A few weeks ago I held my first Jamberry party.  (If you don't know about Jamberry you can go here, here, or wait until Sunday to find out more!).  I can't believe I was able to get so much for hosting a party.

Photo of Jamberry Hostess Rewards

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Have a Wolfelicious day!

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