Monday, January 20, 2014

Crafts and sweaters

So, last week the weather was chilly here in Florida.  I actually had to break out a sweater and turn on the heat in my house.  Brrr....
Photo of Wolfelicious

Martin Luther King Junior Day is today.  I took my day off of school and decided to get some crafts finished that have been sitting around.

Here is my wine bottle craft I made.
Photo of Wolfelicious Craft Wine Bottles

I LOVED how this turned out!  I think it is so beautiful!  I put the bottles above my cabinets in the kitchen.  This craft was more difficult than what I thought it would be.  The skinny part of the bottle was a breeze getting the yarn on it, but the curved part was a big pain.  I couldn't wait to get all four bottles finished.  Just a warning if you attempt this... try to find bottles without a lot of curve.

Here are some items that may be helpful for you in the coming weeks!

Photo of iHeart Wolfelicious
iHeart A Valentine's Day Project

Photo of Easter Bunny Wolfelicious

If you haven't followed my TPT store, I would love for you too!
Have a Wolfelicious week!

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  1. Love your crafts!!!!! wish I had been that productive today :) haha

  2. First of all love the crafts - home & school ones - and second of all, I can't believe it got cold enough in Florida to wear a sweater!

    Love to Learn

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